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​​The Sepia List is used as a means to update the Standard Drawings. The Sepia List is a list of drawings that are either:
  1. A new detailed drawing that is approved for use as a Standard Drawing, but is not yet found in the Standard Drawings book;
  2. A new detailed drawing that is under consideration and is awaiting approval for use as a Standard; or
  3. A revision to a detailed drawing that is currently in the Standard Drawing book.
The revisions listed on the Sepia List supersede the drawing found in the current Standard Drawings book. The Sepia drawings are inserted by the designer into the plan sets as applicable. The drawings listed on the Sepia List are put into the Standard Drawing book when a Standard Drawing revision or reprint occurs. (This generally occurs once every four years at the same time of the Standard Specification reprint.)

Active Sepia List
Sepia 001Sepia 001Railing System Type II Guardrail System4/26/20228/21/2020
Replaces BHS007
Sepia 002Sepia 002Rail System Type 34/26/20228/21/2020
Replaces BHS008
Sepia 004Sepia 004Single Slope Barrier Transitions (TL3 42" Tall Wall)4/26/202212/11/2020
New Drawing
Sepia 005Sepia 005Concrete Barrier End Sections (TL3 42" Tall Wall)4/26/202212/11/2020
New Drawing
Sepia 005NSepia 005NConcrete Barrier End Sections (TL3 42" Tall Wall) Notes4/26/202212/11/2020
New Drawing
Sepia 006Sepia 006Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangements Multi-Lane Roadways4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TMP-100
Sepia 007Sepia 007Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangements Multi-Lane Roadways4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 105
Sepia 008Sepia 008Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangements Multi-Lane Roadways4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 110
Sepia 009Sepia 009Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangements Two-Lane Two-Way Roadways4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 115
Sepia 010Sepia 010Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangements Two-Lane to Four Lane Transitions4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 120
Sepia 011Sepia 011Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangement Exit Gore and Off-Ramp4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 125
Sepia 012Sepia 012Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangement for Parallel Deceleration Lane4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 126
Sepia 013Sepia 013Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangement On-Ramp with Tapered Acceleration Lane4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces  TPM 130
Sepia 014Sepia 014Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangement ON-Ramp with Parallel Acceleration Lane4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 135
Sepia 015Sepia 015Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangements Two-Way Left -Turn Lane4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 140
Sepia 016Sepia 016Inlaid Pavement Marker Arrangement Channelized Intersection4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 145
Sepia 017Sepia 017Pavement Striping Details for Two Lane Two Way Roadways4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces TPM 175
Sepia 018Sepia 018Concrete Median Barrier Fixed-Form or Slip-Form (Permanent) (TL 42" Tall Wall)4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces Sepia 003
Sepia 018NSepia 018NConcrete Median Barrier Fixed-Form or Slip-form (Permanent) (TL3 42" Tall Wall) Notes 4/26/20228/20/2021
Replaces Sepia 003N
Sepia 019Sepia 019Concrete Median Barrier Fixed-Form or Slip-Form (Permanent) (TL5 56" Tall Wall)4/26/20228/20/2021
New Drawing
Sepia 020Sepia 020Security Plate Assembly4/26/20221/26/2022
New Drawing
Sepia 021Sepia 021Coatings, Lining, and Pavings for Non-Structural Plate Pipe10/27/202211/17/2022
Replaces RDI 035
Sepia 022Sepia 022Turf Mat Slope Installation1/25/20233/23/2023
Replaces RDI 040-01
Sepia 023Sepia 023Turf Mat Channel Installation1/25/20233/23/2023
Replaces RDI 041-01
Sepia 024Sepia 024Treatment of Open Sinkholes2/9/20233/23/2023
Replaces BGX 018
Sepia 025Sepia 025Silt Trap Type C5/9/20237/20/2023
Replaces RDX230
Sepia 026Sepia 026Centerline Rumble Strips 4 inch Spacing9/8/202311/16/2023
Replaces TPR-105
Sepia 027Sepia 027Centerline Rumble Strips 6 inch Spacing9/8/202311/16/2023
Replaces TPR-110
Sepia 028Sepia 028Edgeline Rumble Strips Placement Details9/8/202311/16/2023
Replaces TPR-115
Sepia 029Sepia 029Edgeline Rumble Strip Details Two Lane Roadways9/8/202311/16/2023
Replaces TPR-120
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