​​Active Highway Plan Map.png

Active Highway Plan Map

Description: The Active Highway Plan Map provides an interactive map of the approved Six-Year Highway Plan (6YP). These are the major highway improvement projects that are currently active across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.



​​Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities map

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Description: The Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities map presents the identified pedestrian and bicycling facilities (Bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.) on all new or reconstructed state maintained roadways in existing and planned urban and suburban areas across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Bike Routes map

Bike Routes

Description: The Bike Routes resource page highlights all AASHTO approved or identified bicycle corridors across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Bridge Data Miner

Bridge Data Miner

Description: The Bridge Data Miner presents an interactive map of all bridges and inspections that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has conducted on more than 14,000 bridges across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 



​​Emergency Funding Routes map

Emergency Funding Routes (FEMA\FHWA\ER)

Description: The Emergency Funding Routes map highlights public roads designated as eligible for reimbursement for through the FHWA Emergency Relief Program which helps states defray maintenance costs associated with recognized emergencies.


​​Environmental Overview map

Environmental Overview

Description: The Environmental Overview map highlights environmental resources of significance, potential jurisdictional features, and other environmental areas of concern within Kentucky that should be considered during project development and maintenance work. 


​​Functional Class Map

Functional Class Map

Description: The Functional Classification map allows customers to understand how the different roadway segments make up an interdependent hierarchical network of arterial, collector, and local roads for efficiently moving traffic through the system. It also helps planners and engineers increase travel efficiency and cost effectiveness as they design, build, and maintain these roads.



​​General Highway Map

General Highway Map

Description: The General Highway Map displays all interstates, parkways, U.S highways, state roads, and local roads within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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Description: The KYCORS interactive map displays all National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and KY Network only CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station) locations that are current, pending, or under construction within Kentucky and adjacent areas of the surrounding states.


​​KYTC Traffic Counts

KYTC Traffic Counts

Description: The KYTC Traffic Counts interactive map displays Traffic Count Station locations and the most current Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) reports for each site within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Local Roads (Previously County Rural Aid)

Local Roads (Previously County Rural Aid)

Description: The Local Roads interactive map presents local roads that have been accepted by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for county or municipal road aid.


​​Pavement Conditions

Pavement Conditions

Description: The Pavement Conditions interactive map provides pavement condition data on all state owned (MP) and rural secondary road (RS) sections across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Project Plan Archive (1909-Present)

Project Plan Archive (1909-Present)

Description: The Project Plan Archive (1909-Present) is a spatially referenced archive of scanned Kentucky Transportation Cabinet project plans from 1909 to present day.


​​Protected Areas for Outdoor Advertising

Protected Areas for Outdoor Advertising 

Description: The Protected Areas for Outdoor Advertising interactive map displays the KYTC inventory of outdoor advertising devices (billboard, sign, notice, poster, or display) locations across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Right-of-Way Monument Map

Right-of-Way Monument Map

Description: The Right-of-Way Monument interactive map displays data that is responsible for professional decisions concerning appraisals, negotiations, and property management across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Roadway Photo Viewer

Roadway Photo Viewer

Description: The Roadway Photo Viewer is an interactive map that returns a view of current or archived images taken at particular locations along a route. The tools allow you to select “current” or a particular time when that segment of road was driven and then you can virtually drive the road (forward, backward, U-Turn, Stop) to see that part of the road and its related information


​​Rural and Secondary Roads

Rural and Secondary Roads

Description: The Rural and Secondary Roads interactive map displays roads in sparsely populated areas. It was designed to allow people to evaluate these roads in the transportation decision-making process.


​​Snow and Ice Priority Routes

Snow and Ice Priority Routes

Description: The Snow and Ice Priority Routes interactive map displays all snow routes categorized by priority that the Commonwealth of Kentucky monitors and maintains in the event of inclement weather with their heavy duty snow clearing equipment.


​​Quality Assurance Lessons Learned

Quality Assurance Lessons Learned

Description: The Quality Assurance Lessons Learned interactive map displays all KYTC projects that have received a post construction review or value engineering change proposal.


​​Official Kentucky Highway Map

Official Kentucky Highway Map

Description: The Official Kentucky Highway Map is a static map with reference data which includes mileage chart, indices, and contact information for 2020 – 2021. It is provided for download.


​​Real Time Traffic and Travel Information, see

Real Time Traffic and Travel Information, see

Description: The GOKY interactive map displays real time traffic data and incident reports from Incident Management, Waze, and traffic cameras which help motorists understand current hazards and safely travel within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Complete Map Portal (Cloud)

Complete Map Portal (Cloud)

Description: The Map Portal is an interactive cloud-based mapping platform which hosts many of the same interactive maps, but in a slightly different format. These maps perform well on tablets and phones.


​​Bridge Weight Limits

Bridge Weight Limits

Description: The Bridge Weight Limits interactive map displays the posted weight of bridges across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


​​Pollinator Plots

Pollinator Plots

Description: The Kentucky Pollinator Plots interactive map displays all tracts of land that have been designated by KYTC and state legislation as environmentally significant in an effort to promote pollinator habitat across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


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