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Mission Statement

The Kentucky Engineering Exposure Network (KEEN) is a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Program dedicated to teaching Kentucky's youth about engineering.


KEEN is a unique partnership between the Commonwealth of Kentucky's school system and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  The KEEN Program places engineers employed with the Cabinet in classrooms all across Kentucky.  Engineers visit schools throughout the state to discuss the applications of math and science in real world situations.  They provide insights into the opportunities and challenges available to students pursuing studies in the field of engineering.


Presentations are adapted to different age groups and topics: the work of engineers, specific math, science, technological subjects, and scholarship programs. Our presentations cover many different subject matters in the fields of math, science, technology, and engineering, and can be designed for grade school, middle school, high school, and college students


KEEN provides an opportunity for the Cabinet and local schools to work together, allowing Transportation Cabinet engineers to interact with students in their own communities. In addition, the KEEN Program follows many of the same concepts which are required under Kentucky's Education Reform Act, including the Common Core of Learning concept and the application of basic skills in math and science as they relate to real-life situations.  These contributions to the education of our communities are brought to the classroom at no cost to the school. 


The KEEN Program began in 1991 as a result of efforts by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' Task Force on Recruitment and Retention of Transportation Professionals.  It was the first program of its type in the nation. Since its implementation, KEEN has reached over 70,000 students throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Contact us for a presentation at your school! 

Need to schedule a presentation?  KEEN Coordinators are located in each of the Transportation Cabinet's twelve district offices.  These individuals will coordinate with local engineers to deliver presentations to your student base. For more information, contact your local KEEN Coordinator.



District Map


Click your county to show your District's KEEN Coordinators below:

District 1Patsy 898-2431
District 1Mike 898-2431
District 2George 824-7080
District 3Christopher 746-7898
District 4Justin 766-5066
District 5Zachary 210-5400
District 5Stephanie 210-5438
District 6Emily 341-2700
District 7Nick 246-2355
District 7Casey 246-2355
District 8Michael 677-4017
District 8Amber 677-4017
District 9Allen 845-2551
District 10Jeremy 666-8841
District 10Darren 666-8841
District 11Quentin 598-2145
District 11Mike 598-2145
District 12Chris 433-7791
District 12John Michael 433-7791
Central OfficeMichael 564-3160
StatewideKyle McMahonStatewide 341-2700
Allen BlairDistrict 845-2551
Emily EisingDistrict 341-2700
George PhelpsDistrict 824-7080
Izzy HousePublic 782-4827
Jennifer McCleveCentral 782-4944
Justin WallaceDistrict 766-5066
Kyle McMahonStatewide 341-2700
Michael BlackCentral 564-3160
Ramona BrockState Highway Engineer's 782-4962
Stephanie StoopsDistrict 210-5438
Zachary NeihofDistrict 210-5400
200 Mero Street FrankfortKY40601 KY8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST, M-F(502) 564-3730,+Frankfort,+KY+40601/@38.201997,-84.8757469,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x884274b461372dc9:0x803455591420ab90!8m2!3d38.2019928!4d-84.8735582

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