Right of Way, Utilities and Rails


Mission Statement

To provide for the professional acquisition of required right of way; the orderly relocation of affected families, businesses, and utilities; the safety improvements to highway railroad crossings; and the fair and equitable treatment of all citizens.

District Supervisors

Each district office retains a Right of Way Supervisor and a Utility Supervisor to address the needs of public Cabinet projects. The Cabinet retains most project-specific Right of Way and Utility work in these district offices, which are located in 12 regions.

If in need of a district contact, you may click on the appropriate district to view the contact available or scroll through the full list provided below.

District 1Chris Kuntz -Project Development Branch Manager (Acting Utility Supervisor)Utility SupervisorChris.Kuntz@ky.gov(270) 898-2431
District 1Greg MorganRight of Way Supervisorgreg.morgan@ky.gov(270) 898-2431
District 2Jennifer K. CoxRight of Way Supervisorjenniferk.cox@ky.gov(270) 824-7080
District 2Chris WardUtility SupervisorChris.Ward@ky.gov(270) 824-7080
District 3Allen ArnoldRight of Way Supervisorallen.arnold@ky.gov(270) 746-7898
District 3J. C. Puryear, Jr.Utility Supervisorclint.puryear@ky.gov(270) 746-7898
District 4Michael PriceRight of Way Supervisormichaelh.price@ky.gov(270) 766-5066
District 4James BeauchampUtility Supervisorjames.beauchamp@ky.gov270-766-5066
District 5Tom BoykinRight of Way Supervisortom.boykin@ky.gov(502) 210-5400
District 5Russ WhatleyUtility SupervisorRussell.Whatley@ky.gov(502) 210-5400
District 6Dane BlackburnUtility Supervisordane.blackburn@ky.gov(859) 341-2700
District 6Lynn WhalenRight of Way Supervisorlynn.whalen@ky.gov(859) 341-2700
District 7Robin Sprague - Project Development Branch Manager (Acting Utility Supervisor)Utility SupervisorRobin.Sprague@ky.gov(859) 246-2355
District 7Cecil SmithRight of Way SupervisorCecil.Smith@ky.gov(859) 246-2355
District 8Charles HaleRight of Way Supervisorcharles.hale@ky.gov(606) 677-4017
District 8Joe Gossage-Project Development Branch Manager (Acting Utility Supervisor)Utility SupervisorJoseph.Gossage@ky.gov(606) 677-4017
District 9Zane AlexanderUtility Supervisorzane.alexander@ky.gov(606) 845-2551
District 9James MasonRight of Way SupervisorJames.Mason@ky.gov(606) 845-2551
District 10Darren BackUtility SupervisorDarren.Back@ky.gov(606) 666-8841
District 10Edgar RaleighRight of Way SupervisorEdgar.Raleigh@ky.gov(606) 666-8841
District 11Keenan JonesUtility Supervisorkeenan.jones@ky.gov(606) 598-2145
District 11Greg CombsRight of Way Supervisorgregd.combs@ky.gov(606) 598-2145
District 12Joe TackettRight of Way Supervisorjoe.tackett@ky.gov(606) 433-7791
District 12Sam Hale - Project Developemnt Branch Manager (Acting Utility Supervisor)Utility SupervisorSamuel.Hale@ky.gov(606) 433-7791

Additional Contacts

Our Central Office staff functions as an active support mechanism for the district offices and for the projects. These staff members are also available as contacts and can be found on the support page.

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