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This page contains vital information relating to the procurement of professional engineering and engineering-related services. Revisions are made frequently.

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Note:  Prequalified consultant engineering firms desiring to provide these services must submit their electronic response(s) through the Professional Services Consultant Portal. We will not be accepting hard copy responses in any format for this Bulletin.

Start Date: 3/14/2023 9:00 AM

NOTICE:  New Prequalified Consultants Report  All Prequalification Firms and Categories

As part of the Division of Professional Services' ongoing commitment to improve the delivery of pertinent information to Cabinet personnel and the consulting industry, a spreadsheet identifying all prequalified consultants with their approved prequalification categories has been posted to the Division's website on the "Prequalified Firms" page.  The spreadsheet will be updated daily and can be easily downloaded and modified in Excel to add sorting and filtering based on the individual queries.  Approved DBE companies have also been identified on the report.

All Prequalification Firms & Categories

Start Date: 2/22/2023 9:00 AM

Note:  Prequalified consultant engineering firms desiring to provide these services must submit their electronic response(s) through the Professional Services Consultant Portal. We will not be accepting hard copy responses in any format for this Bulletin.

Start Date: 2/14/2023 9:00 AM

NOTICE:  KYTC Executive Code of Ethics

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reminds its consultant and contractor partners of the restricted activities according to the Executive Code of Ethics as enacted in KRS 11A. Any Consultant shall abide by the following terms in order to maintain prequalification:

Any consultant certifies that the firm and its employees will not offer or provide gifts to KYTC employees in excess of $25.00 in any single calendar year as defined in KRS 11A.045 (1) and Department General Administration and Personnel Policy GAP-808. Moreover, any consultant certifies that firm and its employees will not offer any ticket to a sporting event to a KYTC employee without being reimbursed the face value amount for said ticket as defined in KRS 11A.045 (2). It is agreed and understood that non-compliance with the above provisions may result in the suspension of vendor procurement participation, contract termination, loss of prequalification, and/or debarment of the firm.

SHE Industry Reminder

Start Date: 2/8/2023 9:00 AM

NOTICE:  KYTC Utility Coordination Training & Certification

The Division of Right of Way, Utilities & Rails is offering a training course.  This training provides education on utilities and how they are coordinated with KYTC projects. The first day provides a high level understanding of conducting utility coordination through a project's development process. The second day is intended for utility coordinators and is also a certification requirement for firm performing utility coordination and inspection duties. There is an emphasis on utility impact avoidance, minimization, and the coordination of remaining impacts through utility relocations for the accommodation of roadway construction.

KYTC Utility Coordination Training & Certification
Prequalification Criteria & Instructions (pages 60-62)

Please register for training sessions held in Frankfort on March 21-22, May 16-17, or July 18-19 or contact for more information.

Start Date: 1/27/2023 9:00 AM

NOTICE:  Revised Affidavit for Bidders, Offerors and Contractors

The Finance Cabinet has revised the required Affidavit for Bidders, Offerors and Contractors form as required by KRS 45A.110 and KRS 45A.115. Effective immediately, the revised Affidavit is required to be completed, signed, and uploaded to the Consultant Portal for a firm to be eligible for annual prequalifications. As before, this abbreviated form still includes an Effective Date and will remain in place for all submittals for one year until the Expiration Date. The terms and conditions have been removed from the form and will now be included directly within consultant contracts as an Appendix. Please see the linked Memorandum below for additional details.

Revised Affidavit Memo
Required Affidavit for Bidders, Offerors and Contractors

Note: This revised Affidavit will also permanently be available under the Forms tab at the top of this website.

Start Date: 1/26/2023 1:30 PM

NOTICE:  Brent Spence Bridge Corridor - Project Procurement Information

To ensure the ongoing sharing of information, the Brent Spence Management Team (BSMT) has posted the DRAFT Instructions to Offerors (ITO), the DRAFT Progressive Design-Build Contract (PDBC), a DRAFT PDBC Definitions exhibit, and the DRAFT project's Technical Requirements at the following link:  2/13/2023 DRAFT BSB Contract.  The BSMT is providing these DRAFTs to help identify and resolve concerns regarding the procurement, terms and conditions, the project's Technical Requirements, and evaluation/selection criteria.  The BSMT will entertain questions through the Comment or Questions portal on the Project Procurement Website's, or will take questions directly through the following email:  The BSMT will regularly update these documents until the release of the Final RFP scheduled for Feb 17, 2023.   Updates and/or revisions will be identified with each subsequent release.  Elements/Project Considerations document will no longer be updated as this recently released information is more comprehensive.  The Reference Information Documents (RIDs) have also been updated. Links to these documents can also be found under the DRAFT Contract Documents on the Brent Spence Project Procurement Website.

Interested Lead Offerors should contact the BSMT at the email address if the Lead Offeror would like to hold a one-on-one meeting prior to Final RFP.  The BSMT will attempt to reasonably accommodate requests.

When the Brent Spence Project Procurement Website or DRAFT documents are updated, notification will be distributed.

Start Date: 1/17/2023 3:00 PM

Note:  Prequalified consultant engineering firms desiring to provide these services must submit their electronic response to any project. We will not be accepting hard copy responses in any format for the January Bulletin.

For all projects in the January Bulletin, all firms shall submit electronic Consultant Responses to Advertisement to the new Announcement Response widget found within the Consultant Portal. Any user must have an account as a System Administrator, Project Manager, or Read Only access to the system to submit a Consultant Response. Any proposed Project Manager must also have an account for identification within the system.

Start Date: 1/10/2023 9:00 AM

NOTICE:  2023 Direct Costs for Mileage, Meals, and Lodging

The Division of Professional Services has updated annual reimbursement rates for 2023, as governed by 200 KAR 2:006. Please see the linked memorandum for specific reimbursement rates for mileage, meals, and lodging.
Note: This reference document will also permanently be available under the Policies & Forms​ tab at the top of this website.
Start Date: 1/3/2023 8:00 AM

NOTICE:  OpenRoads Design - Production-Hour Worksheet and Descriptions

To reflect the work items and expected level of effort of OpenRoads Design (ORD) the Divisions of Highway Design and Professional Services have worked along with our consultant partners to adjust the Production-Hour Worksheet and Descriptions guidance. This reference is expected to be updated by a later version as the process continues to evolve and more accurately reflect the work product. KYTC and consultant project teams should determine whether the previous InRoads standard or the new ORD version of the Production-Hour Worksheet and Descriptions should be utilized in order to best reflect the desired deliverables for a project.

Highway Design - Production-Hour Descriptions
Highway Design - Production-Hour Worksheet
Highway Design - Production-Hour Descriptions - ORD

Highway Design - Production-Hour Worksheet - ORD

Start Date: 12/13/2022 4:00 PM
NOTICE:  2022 Prequalification Criteria and Instructions Update
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has posted revisions to the Prequalification Criteria and Instructions document, which serves as the basis for determining minimum eligibility of firms within each service category. Each firm that desires to retain prequalifications or become prequalified with the Cabinet in any new service area must submit a full prequalification application prior to response to advertisement. These prequalifications are to be submitted electronically via the Consultant Portal by clicking the Consultant Management widget. Hard copy submittals are no longer received. The website to visit to submit prequalifications is
Each firm must submit an updated Prequalification Application (TC 40-1 form) for review prior to the firm's annual renewal date. It is the sole responsibility of the firm to initiate a renewal of its prequalification with the Cabinet. The request should include a Certification of Professional Liability Insurance, a Certificate of Workers Compensation, an Employment Insurance policy, and a Financial Statement. The firm must also upload an annual affidavit of the Campaign Finance form, linked below. The firm must also comply with an Ethics Certification which is not a form and does not require a document upload. These documents shall be uploaded for review by Professional Services staff and retained for compliance. The firm may be removed from the Cabinet's listing of prequalified consultants if an application is not received within thirty (30) days of its annual renewal date. Please contact Ashley Jewell via email with any prequalification submittal process inquiries at
Please review the various links below for further details and reference:
The Division of Professional Services anticipates this document will remain until December 2023 when the next updates become available prior to the 2024 full renewal cycle.
Note: These reference documents will also permanently be available under the Prequalification tab at the top of this website.
Start Date: 1/7/2022 5:00 PM

NOTICE:  Consultant Portal Launch​

The Division of Professional Services has now launched the new online portal for consultants and KYTC project managers. This portal has migrated the information from and will overhaul our existing Sharepoint-based system into a more user-friendly interface for KYTC users. Consultants will also now be permitted with access to the enhanced project management database and contract document library. Full procurement workflows and contract status history are available, resulting in quicker procurement times.

All future advertisements and production-hour estimates will be submitted and contracts or contract modifications will be electronically signed within this new system, even for existing contracts.

To request access to the system, please click the appropriate link and follow the attached User Authorization Guide below:
Internal KYTC users:
External consultant users: (to establish a business account) then

In addition, a detailed User Guide has been developed to assist users navigate the system:

For any questions, please contact the Division of Professional Services at 502.564.4555.
Start Date: 9/4/2019 1:30 PM
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