The Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority is an independent de jure municipal corporation and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Authority was established in 2009 by the Kentucky General Assembly with the passage of Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) Chapter 175B to review, approve, and monitor certain significant transportation projects within the Commonwealth and between the Commonwealth and the State of Indiana and, if necessary, to assist with the operation, financing, and management of those projects.
The Authority currently has eleven voting members; Secretary Jim Gray, Deputy Secretary Geri Grigsby, John William Bartleman, Jack Whifield, Thomas Guidugli, Jordan Lanham, William Mitchell Boggs, Marcie Matthews, Timothy Akins, Leslie Combs, and Russell Romine. The Authority is attached administratively to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and relies exclusively on KYTC staff to operate. Currently, the Authority is engaged in overseeing a single project, the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges (LSIORB) Project.

The LSIORB Project is being paid for with all-electronic tolling under the name "RiverLink". Tolling is in place on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge (I­-65 North), the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (I-65 South) and the Lewis and Clark Bridge (SR 265/KY 841) connecting Prospect, KY and Utica, IN. For additional information, please visit the RiverLink website here.

 Voting Members

Secretary Jim Gray
Deputy Secretary Geri Grigsby
John William Bartleman
Jack Whifield
Thomas Guidugli
Jordan Lanham
William Mitchell Boggs
Marcie Matthews
Timothy Akins
Leslie Combs
Russell Romine

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