The Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority is an independent de jure municipal corporation and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Authority was established in 2009 by the Kentucky General Assembly with the passage of Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) Chapter 175B to review, approve, and monitor certain significant transportation projects within the Commonwealth and between the Commonwealth and the State of Indiana and, if necessary, to assist with the operation, financing, and management of those projects.
The Authority currently has ten voting members; Chairman Greg Thomas, Vice Chair William M. Landrum III, Steve Austin, Charles Buddeke, Don Kelly, Dana Mayton, Harold McKinney, Glenn Mitchell, Michael Walker, and James Ward. The Authority is attached administratively to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and relies exclusively on KYTC staff to operate. Currently, the Authority is engaged in overseeing a single project, the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges (LSIORB) Project. For additional information, please visit the LSIORB website here.

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KPTIA BFY 2015 1st Quarter Unaudited Financial Statements
Consolidated Annual Financial Report 2014
KPTIA BFY 2015 2nd Quarter Unaudited Financial Statements
KPTIA BFY 2015 3rd Quarter Unaudited Financial Statements
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2015
KPTIA BFY 2016 1st Quarter Unaudited Financial Statements
KPTIA BFY 2016 2nd Quarter Unaudited Fianacial Statement
KPTIA BFY 2016 3rd Quarter Unaudited Financial Statement
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2016

 Voting Members

Chairman, Greg Thomas  

Vice Chairman, William Landrum III

Steve Austin

Charles Buddeke

Don Kelly

Harold McKinney

Glenn Mitchell

 Michael Walker

James Ward 

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