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We are inviting schools and students to participate KYTC's first-ever statewide Paint the Plow program to promote safe driving during snow and ice season.

Paint the Plow is an opportunity for your high school art students to paint one of our snowplow blades. There is a limited amount of available snowplow blades in each Highway District. It is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you receive an email to confirm your participation, KYTC will need a design for the blade. Before the blade can be dropped off at your school, your design must be approved by KYTC staff. 

Faculty may assist in creating the design, but only students should participate in painting the design without alteration. 

Specifications for applying your design to the blade:

• The blade is approximately 12’ wide and 4’ high
o The top foot of the blade is blocked from view due to a rubber strip
• Use enamel paints with bright backgrounds
• A final clear coat will help extend the life of the painting
• No materials other than paint can be applied to the plow blade
• Schools are responsible for purchasing paint and supplies.

Guidelines for creating your design:

• The approved design must be applied with no modifications
• Designs and messages should focus on road safety, winter weather
o The design can include the school logo and school colors
o Consider the following slogans for a snow and ice theme
▪ "No Device in Snow & Ice"
▪ "Slow Down when Snow’s Down"
▪ "Snow means Slow"
• The designs must be PG in nature
• They will not include political, partisan, violent, or lewd images
• No copyright, pop-culture references, movies, songs, celebrities, etc.

Please email your Highway District PIO and copy on the email if you want to participate. 
Use the subject line “Paint the Plow Applicant.” 
Please include the point of contact name, title, phone number, email, school, school address, and county.

You will receive confirmation of your participation status from  District PIO, at which point you will submit your proposed design for approval. Once the design is approved, we will coordinate a drop-off and pick-up time for the plow blade with the point of contact.

Blades will be picked up no later than October 31, and all the plows will be announced on November 6, 2023.​

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