OpenRoads Designer | How to add a Corridor External Reference

​How to add an external corridor reference to use with targeting inside OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer | Work Around for End Condition Exception Point Control Issue

This is a work around when you have overlapping Point Controls and End Condition Exceptions inside of OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Deisgner | How to Produce an Existing Cross-Slope Report Without Running a Template

​Helps in producing an existing cross slope report without running a template. Will aid in curve corrections and a quick way to analyze super along roadways.

OpenRoads Designer | Interval Problem with Alignments

​Shows a common interval problem and how to fix inside OpenRoads Designer. This example is of a pipe section that appears to have two surfaces but was actually caused by using the microstation extend command instead of using the OpenRoads manipulation handles

OpenRoads Designer | How to Use Clipping Triggers

This video show how to use clipping triggers in OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer | How to Use Template Switches

​this video show how the example template EXAMPLE 2 Lane Rural w SWITCH is set up in OpenRoads Designer.

How to Scan Reference Within PW
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