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1/19/201808/01/2018Plan changes in Relation to Process Changes for Improving Adherence to Section 4(f)/Section 6 (f) Requirements
The change in procedures in relation to parcels of land that involve impacts to Federal 4(f)/6(f) properties and the identification of the impacts.
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12/18/201701/26/2018Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Initial Implementation for Guardrail, Cast-in-Place Concrete Barrriers and End Treatments Active Sepia List Implementation
Adopting of the MASH testing criteria for safety hardware and the initial implementation for KYTC longitudinal guardrail and corresponding end terminals.
2/7/201702/07/2017Plan Submittal Process
Defines the KYTC Plan Submittal Process
02-17 - 01-17.pdf
1/24/201701/24/2017Revision of Special Provision 69, Standard Drawing RGX-100 Standard Drawing RGX-105
Revision of Special Provision 69, Standard Drawing RGX-100 and Standard Drawing RGX-105. The changes concern the Pile Cores and placement of the Structure Granular Backfill.  These changes should be implemented immediately.
expand Year : 2016 ‎(3)
3/8/201606/24/2016Standard Drawings 2016
The 2016 reprint of the KYTC Standard Drawings publishing and effective date.
2/16/201602/25/2016FHWA Termination of Interim Approval for Use of Clearview Font
The Federal highway Administration has terminated interim approval for the use of Clearview font on highway signing.Effective January 25, 2016.
expand Year : 2015 ‎(2)
8/28/201501/01/2016HD-100 & HD-200 Release
This memo publishes HD-100 and HD-200 of the Highway Design Manual. These chapters represent significant changes in the philosophy of how highway design projects are approached and how they are managed.
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Policy for Electronically Signed and Sealed Contract Plans (1-2014).pdf
10/8/201410/8/2014Policy for Electronically Signed and Sealed Contract Plans
This memo establishes a change in policy for the format of the "Final Contract Plans" PDF file.
5/14/201405/14/2014Design Guidance for Proposed Shoulder Widths on New Construction and/or Reconstruction Projects
Clarifies how shoulder widths are to be determined and how the widths relate to guardrail placement
1/10/20143/28/2014Revision to Standard Drawing "Guardrail and Bridge End Drainage for Twin Structures" (RBB-002-08)
This is notification of a revised drawing that has been issued in lieu of RBB-002-08 Guardrail and Bridge End Drainage for Twin Structures
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05-13 Contact List.pdf
5/7/201305/07/2013Division of Highway Design Drainage Branch District Assignments
List of Drainage Branch and Roadway Design Branch district assignments
8/26/201308/26/2013Highway Design Manual Update HD-300, Surveying, and Survey Adjustment Factor
Updated chapter for guidance for Surveying (HD-300)
3/28/20133/28/2013Scope Verification Meetings
A Scope Verification Meeting will be conducted for all federal-aid projcts requiring a categorical Exclusion Level 3, EA/FONSI or EIS to document appropriate consideration of environmental impacts.
expand Year : 2012 ‎(5)
Joint Design Memorandum No. 03 -12 and Traffic Operations Memorandum No. 01-12.pdf
10/31/201210/31/2012Requests for Electrical Devices and Plans on Highway Projects
KYTC proper procedure for handling requests for electrical devices and associated plans on highway projects.
Joint Traffic Operations, Maintenance, Design Memorandum 01-12.pdf
6/15/201206/15/2012Centerline Rumble Strips
Guidance on the application of centerline rumble strips.
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