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Digital Project Delivery (DPD) is the comprehensive management of our transportation network through the focused delivery of projects utilizing digital data and 3D modeling to create a centralized living representation of our network and its assets. This is housed in a common data environment that can be read, used, and contributed to by all elements of the project development and preservation processes. It offers data users more efficient and intuitive information exchange throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

Newsbim.PNGPilot Program

Leadership Statements: 

“Digital Project Delivery is an opportunity for us to make sure that our Project Development staff transfer the information of our design intent properly to Project Delivery and Preservation staff. But more so than that, to also make sure that that information that we intend to give them is accurate to the best of our ability." 

-Tim Layson, Director of Highway Design

“The Cabinet, for almost 20 years, has done some element of digital project delivery within our projects, whether that is some type of model or other digital elements. I think that when we think about what the next generation of digital delivery is, it's taking all of the things we've learned along the way and ensuring that we are communicating to all of our internal and external stakeholders and partners, whether that be ourselves, our consultant partners, or our contractors who are actually out there building these projects." 

Jason Siwula, Deputy State Highway Engineer

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