Getting Started in ORD


Efficiency Boosters | ORD Model Overviews

How to navigate Design, Drawing and Sheet Models for a plan sheet inside OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer | How to Attach Aerial Images or Background Maps

​How to attach aerial images or background maps inside OpenRoads Designer

Efficiency Boosters | Workset Properties

​Overview of how workset properties work inside of OpenRoads Designer

Efficiency Boosters | ORD Civil AccuDraw

​Overview of how Civil AccuDraw works inside of OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer | Google Earth Set Up and Import

Workaround of how to solve the issue of working with the current verstion of Google Earth not working in OpenRoads Designer

How to Get Started in ORD
Why You Need Civil AccuDraw
Configuring ORD on A Server and Combined with Microstation
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