Planning Studies & Reports

Below you will find electronic links to all reports for planning studies conducted by the KYTC Division of Planning from 2004 to present (and a few from 2000 through 2003).  These studies resulted from Highway Plan projects, the Statewide Transportation Planning process, or by special federal or state initiatives.  Several key elements have been included within the study process.  These include preliminary purpose and need, public input, project alternatives, socioeconomic and environmental impacts, cost-effectiveness, and scheduling.  You can search for documents by district and by project name. Please phone or e-mail using the contact information on this page if you need to access studies conducted by the KYTC Division of Planning prior to 2004.

Interstate 66, Interstate 69, Interstate 74

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District 1BallardUS 51 Ohio River Bridge Alternatives Study201401-0100.00
District 1McCrackenKY-1286 / KY-998 Planning Study20141-153.00
District 1McCrackenMega Park Connector Study20141-8702.00
District 1LivingstonUS 60 Bridge Replacement Study20131-1142.00
District 1FultonCR 1011 DNA Study20121-1148
District 1McCrackenUS 60 Scoping Study 1-12520121-125.00
District 1CallowayMurray SUA2008
District 1CallowayMurray Five-Points Intersection2006
District 1Carlisle, HickmanUS 51 Scoping Studies200401-183.00
District 1Carlisle, HickmanUS 51 Scoping Study200401-182.00
District 1McCrackenPaducah SUA2002
District 1, District 2Caldwell, LyonUS 641 Alternatives Study2005
District 5, District 6Boone, Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, TrimbleI-71 Corridor Study201499-394.00
District 1, District 10GravesKY 121 Programming Study200501-8100.00
District 1, District 3, District 8, District 11Ballard, Barren, Edmonson, Laurel, McCracken, Pulaski, WarrenProposed Interstate 66