Data Needs Analysis Studies


​​Below you will find all of the available Data Needs Analysis Studies (DNAs).  DNAs are brief, limited, small scale studies used to gather basic existing data; to identify potential project development concerns; and to better define the project purpose, need, and scope.  The DNAs provide basic planning-level information on all smaller projects, such as bridge replacements or intersection realignments, that do not require lengthy, detailed planning studies.

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District 10Powell, WolfeKY 15 DNA Study202210-176.00/177.00
District 11ClayKY 3472 DNA Study202211-80253.00
District 11LaurelRudy Bear Road DNA Study202211-169.00
District 2HopkinsKY 281 DNA Study20222-384.00
District 2UnionUS 60 Union County DNA Study20222-80202.00
District 2UnionKY 56 DNA Study​20222-80203.00
District 3WarrenUS 31W Warren County DNA Study20223-80203.00
District 3AllenKY 101 DNA Study20223-80207.00
District 4Bullitt, NelsonKY 245 DNA20224-8307.20
District 5BullittKY 1450 DNA Study20225-80101.00
District 7MadisonCentral KY Regional Airport Connector Road20227-8853.00
District 1CallowayKY 748 and CS 1047 DNA Study20211-8952.00
District 1GravesKY 303 DNA Study20211-80103.00
District 11KnoxKY 1487 DNA Study202111-80155
District 2HopkinsWhittington Drive DNA Study20212-804.40
District 2MuhlenbergKY 2533 Dean Rd DNA Study20212-8803.00
District 2OhioKY 54 Fordsville DNA Study20212-8951.00
District 3SimpsonUS 31W Simpson DNA Scoping Study20213-8856.00
District 3Logan, ToddTodd-Logan US 79 DNA20213-80050.00
District 3Allen, Monroe, Simpson​KY 98 KY 63 and KY 1008 DNA Studies20213-8902.00, 3-8954.00, 3-80106.00
District 3WarrenKY 234 DNA Study20213-8854.00
District 4Green, Larue, TaylorKY 210 DNA Study20214-80154.00
District 5JeffersonUS 60 Jefferson DNA Study20215-80001.00
District 5Jefferson, SpencerKY 55 - KY 155 DNA Scoping Study20215-8954.00
District 6BooneKY 237 Gunpowder Road DNA Study​20216-80000.00
District 6BooneKY 3060 Frogtown Road DNA Study20216-80102.00
District 7AndersonUS 62 in Tyrone DNA Study20217-80001.00
District 7Fayette​US 60 Polo Club to Haley DNA Study20217-80150.00
District 7ScottConnector Road DNA Study20217-80102.00
District 1Marshall​US 62 Marshall County DNA Study20201-398.00
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