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a KYTC Transportation and Development Technical Assistance Program

This program aims to proactively help communities plan for land use, transportation, and future development options for a site or targeted area containing multiple properties.  The goal is for a community to create a strong vision for its future and then take the reigns to make it a reality!

Through the program, a community will create an actionable plan that will outline the vision, conceptual development plan, and next steps necessary to create a transformative and unique destination for the community.  After the plan is created, it should serve as a roadmap to actively attract and convey the community’s vision to potential development partners.

KYTC has a team of consultants that will be working directly with each community to create their unique plan.  After choosing an approporiate location in which to focus, a city or county may apply to receive assistance.  Applications are due on or before December 11, 2023.

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