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Terms and Descriptions
Under KRS 177.020 the State Primary Road System classifies state-maintained roadways by the type of service and function they provide. 603 KAR 3:030 designates the following classes :
State Primary System: Interstates (symbolized by black lines on maps), parkways (brown lines) and other long distance, high volume intrastate routes (red lines) of statewide significance that generally link major urban areas within the state.
State Secondary System:  Regionally significant routes (green lines) of shorter distance which provide mobility and access to land use activity, generally serving smaller cities and county seats within a region. 
Rural Secondary System:  Routes of sub-regional significance (yellow lines) which might include urban arterial streets and other collectors, often with access to land use activity such as farm-to-market routes as their main function.
Supplemental Roads:  All other state-maintained routes (purple lines) such as frontage roads, cross roads and local access roads such as farm-to-market routes as their main function. 
KYTC road centerline name changes (i.e. changing Smith Rd to Jones Rd)
Changes must be submitted to your local appointed authority for approval. For County owned and maintained roads the County Fiscal Court must follow proper procedures outlined by KRS 179.330 to officially change any road names and then submit to KYTC through established update procedures. The KYTC road centerline file contains only the County Fiscal Court approved road names for the County maintained roads. In some cases the 911 road name may be different for varying reasons. The KYTC file will always attempt to reflect the latest Fiscal Court information submitted to KYTC All other road name changes must be submitted to the locally defined owner of the road name (i.e. E-911, Road Foreman, Mayor, etc.) to be considered. If approved the changes must then be submitted through established channels to KYTC for update of the road centerline file.

KYTC road centerline name corrections (i.e. Smith Rd to Smyth Rd or Smith Ln to Smith Rd)
Changes can be emailed to The suggested correction will then be reviewed with the proper authority and updated if approved

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