Long Range Statewide Transportation Plan


The Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan is a 20+ year multimodal plan for Kentucky’s transportation system produced by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and required through the federal transportation reauthorization acts, ISTEA in 1991 and TEA-21 in 1998 and SAFETEA-LU in 2005. Federal legislation required the states to produce the first Statewide Transportation Plan by 1995 and to update the document periodically.

Kentucky produced their first Statewide Transportation Plan (STP) in January 1995, the first update in December 1999, and the current update was produced in 2006. The first two plans were both policy and project plans, however, the current 20+ year Plan is a policy-only plan that identifies a vision and set of goals developed through outreach and consultation, transportation needs, available resources and the transportation strategies which will be utilized to most efficiently serve the mobility, safety and economic needs of the people.

On February 14, 2007, the Federal Final Rule on revising the regulations required by the passage of the SAFETEA-LU federal transportation legislation, which governed the state transportation plans, was published. Kentucky had completed the public review and comment period for the 2006 Updated STP in November of 2006. Therefore, Kentucky has produced Amendment #1 to the 2006 Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan to specifically address any additional requirements in the federal regulations.

If you would like to know more about Kentucky’s transportation planning process, please contact any of Kentucky’s 15 Area Development Districts, 9 Metropolitan Planning Organizations, 12 Highway District Offices or the Division of Planning

The Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan is a 20+ year multimodal plan for Kentucky’s Transportation System. You may view or download and print the Plan in its entirety or by chapter from this website

2022-2045 Kentucky Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan​​


10-22-2021 Long Range Transportation Plan Survey
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LRSTP Survey (English)
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2014-2035 Kentucky Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan​​

2014-2035 Long Range Statewide Transportation Plan

2006 Kentucky Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan​​

2006 Kentucky Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan - Full Report
Amendment 1​

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