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Highway traffic may create noise impacts on adjacent properties. KYTC evaluates current and predicted noise conditions and provides abatement where traffic noise impacts result from new highway projects.  Long before construction of the project begins, KYTC collects noise data, estimates the traffic volume and, with the use of the FHWA Traffic Noise Model, predicts the potential impact of traffic noise.  When warranted, abatement measures, usually in the form of Noise Barriers are constructed to block or shield the adjacent property from traffic noise impacts.

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Craig J Craig, Subject Matter Expert (SME)
2011 Noise Analysis and Abatement Policy
2011 Noise Policy - Summary of Changes
KYTC Traffic Noise Abatement Calculation Guide 2011
Noise Guidance: Reduction Design Goals 2013
2015 KYTC Noise Analysis and Abatement Policy
2015 KYTC Noise Policy change summary with Q and A
2015 KYTC Traffic Noise Abatement Calculation Guide
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