The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet considers public involvement to be an essential feature in the development of a project. It is more than just a hearing, or a meeting near the end of the project development. Public involvement should be early, continuous and most importantly, flexible. The viewpoints and the opinions of the public are important considerations in the transportation decision-making process.
This toolbox has been developed as a resource for highway design project managers. The toolbox will give you, the project manager, the TOOLS to develop an effective public involvement plan for your highway design project.
Seven Basic Steps of Public Involvement
  1. Create a PLAN for public involvement activities.
  2. Identify the interested and affected STAKEHOLDERS.
  3. Provide information and OUTREACH to the public.
  4. Consider providing TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to the public to facilitate involvement.
  5. Conduct public involvement ACTIVITIES.
  6. Review and use input and provide FEEDBACK to the public.
  7. EVALUATE public involvement activities.
There are a number of ways to use this toolbox. Look at the checklist for ideas and options. Get and introduction to some new ideas or get a refresher on some that you have used before.
This TOOLBOX will assist you in developing and implementing your Public Involvement Plans for your design projects.
Guidance Document
Design Memorandum No. 10-05 (issued May 20, 2005) is the Guidance Document on Public Involvement for the Cabinet. This document outlines the Cabinets procedures on public involvement during the life of a roadway project. 
The Cabinet would like to acknowledge and thank the National Park Service for use of the Community Toolbox Website in development of this toolbox.

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