Road Centerlines

The road centerline information below is stored in the Highway Information System (HIS) database and is collected and maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. No warranty, expressed or implied, is given to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose of the information or data contained in HIS. If questions arise concerning the currency, meaning, or usage of the data, contact the Division of Planning at (502) 564-7183 or

Road Centerline Descriptions and Collection Procedures

For Use With GIS
The multiple file types within each .zip file together compose an ESRI™ SHAPEFILE and can be opened in a wide range of GIS programs. The shapefiles are in Kentucky State Plane Single Zone projection.

For Use In Spreadsheets
One of the files is a .dbf file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel.

All Roads 
All Roads Measured
State Roads
State Road Milepoints (0.1 mile interval)
Local Roads
Local Road Milepoints (0.1 mile interval)