Freight Planning

​​ Semi Truck at a Riverport being loaded by a bulk commodity hopper
At KYTC, our mission is to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound, and fiscally responsible transportation system that delivers economic opportunity and enhances the quality of life in Kentucky.  KYTC’s goal for freight transportation is to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, and effective transportation system for the movement of passengers and freight within the commonwealth as well as connect Kentucky to domestic and international markets.  KYTC recognizes that an effective multimodal freight system will help improve public safety, alleviate highway congestion, and contribute to economic development.

Kentucky Freight Plan

KYTC's latest published freight plan for the state is from 2017, however, an updated plan for 2022 is currently in the works and will be completed later this year. The revisions are intended to be compliant with the Fast Act. Kentucky's Freight Plan is a high-level inventory and policy guidance document. The purposes of the plan are to present information about the current state of operations of freight in Kentucky and to develop system-wide strategies and policies consistent with the goals of the KYTC Strategic Plan, the Kentucky Long Range Strategic Transportation Plan, and the Untied States National Freight Policy.  

Kentucky Truck Parking

Information pertaining to assessments and studies conducted on Kentucky's truck parking facilities and infrastructure. 

Per FAST Act recommendation, KYTC created the Kentucky Freight Advisory Committee for Transportation (KFACT) in January 2017.  Initially, the KFACT will meet on an as-needed basis which will likely amount to quarterly meetings.  All meetings of the KFACT are open to the public.  Agendas, presentations, applicable federal guidance, and other resources are located on the KFACT website linked below.  Though the KFACT is a designated committee, KYTC recognizes the need for input and feedback from our external partners.  As such, all freight stakeholders are encouraged to attend and actively participate in all meetings. 

Maps containing data relating to freight, rail, waterways, and other multimodal facilities produced by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Freight Plans compiled by Metropolitan Planning Organizations in Kentucky. 


Freight planning events focusing on Kentucky's multimodal and freight networks with collaboration from stakeholders, partnering agencies, consultants, and contractors. 


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