Highway Design Forms
These documents are used by project managers and designers for the development of a highway project.
Consultant Monthly Report.docxConsultant Monthly Report
Design Executive Summary.xlsmDesign Executive Summary
Design Funds Summary.xlsDesign Funds Summary
Final Plans Submittal Form.xlsxFinal Plans Submittal Form
Pavement Design Catalog.xlsmPavement Design Catalog
Pavement Design Form.docxPavement Design Form
Pre-Design Conference Minutes.docxPre-Design Conference Minutes
Preliminary Cost Estimate.xlsPreliminary Cost Estimate
Production-Hour Worksheet.xlsxProduction-Hour Worksheet
Project Development Checklist.docProject Development Checklist
Traffic Data Request.xlsxTraffic Data Request
Traffic Management Plan.docxTraffic Management Plan
Water Related Impact Summary.docxWater Related Impact Summary

 Drainage Worksheets

Channel Analysis.docx
Drainage Design Summary.xls
Drainage Structure Summary.docx
Inlet Spacing Curb-Opening, Grated and Slotted Pipe Inlets.docx
Preliminary Drainage Risk Assessment For Floodplain Encroachment.docx
Storm Sewer Design Computable Table.docx
Storm Sewer System Summary.xls
Urbanization Technique.docx