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Data Needs Analysis Studies


​​Below you will find all of the available Data Needs Analysis Studies (DNAs).  DNAs are brief, limited, small scale studies used to gather basic existing data; to identify potential project development concerns; and to better define the project purpose, need, and scope.  The DNAs provide basic planning-level information on all smaller projects, such as bridge replacements or intersection realignments, that do not require lengthy, detailed planning studies.

​​ Click on the map below to filter the list by highway district.

District 6BooneUS 25 DNA Studies20206-105.00
District 6BooneKY 338 DNA Study20206-113.00
District 6KentonKY 1303 DNA Study - Congestion Mitigation201806-450.00
District 6KentonKY 17 DNA Study - Congestion Mitigation201806-449.00
District 6HarrisonCR 1062 DNA Scoping Study20136-8710.00
District 6CampbellKY 9 Extension - DNA Study - Campbell20126‐407.00
District 6HarrisonUS 62 DNA Scoping Study20126‐8707.00
District 6KentonKY 2045 DNA Scoping Study20126-1080.00
District 6CampbellUS 27 DNA Scoping Study20126-189.00, 6-8706.00
District 6HarrisonKY 36 DNA Scoping Study20126‐8500.00
District 6PendletonKY 159 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1073.00
District 6PendletonKY 330 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1081.00
District 6CampbellKY 10 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1077.00
District 6HarrisonUS 27 DNA Scoping Study20126-8708.00
District 6BooneKY 20 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1079.00
District 6CampbellKY 2921 DNA Scoping Study20126‐1078.00
District 6BrackenKY 8 - Mary Ingles Highway - Bridge DNA20116‐1074.00
District 6Kenton15th Street Bridge and 11th Street Bridge DNA20116-1075.00, 6-1070.00
District 6BrackenLong Stretch Road DNA20116-1068.00
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