Data Needs Analysis Studies


​​Below you will find all of the available Data Needs Analysis Studies (DNAs).  DNAs are brief, limited, small scale studies used to gather basic existing data; to identify potential project development concerns; and to better define the project purpose, need, and scope.  The DNAs provide basic planning-level information on all smaller projects, such as bridge replacements or intersection realignments, that do not require lengthy, detailed planning studies.

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District 2HopkinsKY 281 DNA Study20222-384.00
District 2UnionUS 60 Union County DNA Study20222-80202.00
District 2UnionKY 56 DNA Study​20222-80203.00
District 2HopkinsWhittington Drive DNA Study20212-804.40
District 2MuhlenbergKY 2533 Dean Rd DNA Study20212-8803.00
District 2OhioKY 54 Fordsville DNA Study20212-8951.00
District 2HopkinsUS 41 N Main St DNA Study20202-8305.00
District 2Daviess​KY 3143 DNA Study20202-8854.00
District 2HendersonCS 1372 DNA Scoping Study20182-383.00
District 2UnionUS 60 DNA Scoping Study - Flooding20182-8955.00
District 2ChristianUS 68 from KY 90 to KY 1007 Scoping Study20172-899.00
District 2McLean, OhioKY 136 DNA Scoping Study20152-8812.00
District 2UnionDNA Scoping Study KY 56 - KY 109 to KY 36020142-310.20
District 2OhioKY 54 at KY 2671 DNA Scoping Study20142-231.00
District 2DaviessKY 298 at KY 3143 DNA Scoping Study20142-229.00
District 2DaviessDNA Study US 60 Oakford Road loop20142-237.00
District 2ChristianSub Station Road DNA Bridge Replacement Scoping Study20132-1085.00
District 2HopkinsKY 262 Bridge Replacement Over Greasey Creek DNA Scoping Study20132-1079.00
District 2HendersonUS 60 DNA Scoping Study20132-0079.30
District 2HendersonUS 60 Spottsville Bridge DNA​ Scoping Study20132-1080.00
District 2HancockKY 2124 Bridge Replacement DNA Scoping Study20132-1082.00
District 2ChristianKY 107 DNA Scoping Study20132-8703.00
District 2ChristianKY 1007 DNA Scoping Study20132-227.00
District 2McLean, MuhlenbergDNA Study 2-1078.00 Muhlenberg - McLean20132-1078.00
District 2HopkinsKY 70 DNA Scoping Study20122-8634.00
District 2Adair, WebsterKY 138 DNA Scoping Study20122-228.00
District 2DaviessKY 54 DNA20112‐8300.00
District 2DaviessKY 144 DNA Pre-Design Scoping Study20112‐194.00
District 2DaviessKY 1554 DNA20112‐8632.00
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