Data Needs Analysis Studies


​​Below you will find all of the available Data Needs Analysis Studies (DNAs).  DNAs are brief, limited, small scale studies used to gather basic existing data; to identify potential project development concerns; and to better define the project purpose, need, and scope.  The DNAs provide basic planning-level information on all smaller projects, such as bridge replacements or intersection realignments, that do not require lengthy, detailed planning studies.

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District 11Harlan​US 421 Harlan County DNA202311-80259.00
District 11BellKY 74 Bell County DNA202311-167.00
District 11ClayKY 3472 DNA Study202211-80253.00
District 11LaurelRudy Bear Road DNA Study202211-169.00
District 11ClayKY 3472/CR 1004 DNA Study202211-80253.00, 11-80254.00
District 11KnoxKY 1487 DNA Study202111-80155
District 11ClayDNA Study - Urban Creek Road (CR 1286) Bridge Realignment/Bridge Replacement201411-8864.00
District 11ClayDNA Study - Bledsoe Road (CR 1172B) Bridge Replacement201411-8855.00
District 11WhitleyUS 25W DNA Study201311-186.00
District 11LaurelKY 192 DNA Scoping201311-0187.00
District 11KnoxDNA 11-8712.00 11-8713.00201311-8712.00 & 11-8713.00
District 11LeslieDNA Study 11-1067.00201311-1067.00
District 11KnoxUS 25E DNA Study201211-188.00
District 11HarlanKY 72 DNA Study201211-1087.00
District 11BellCR 1184 DNA Study201211-1093.00
District 11KnoxKY 223 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-8705.00
District 11ClayCR 1154 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-1092.00
District 11ClayCR 1004 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-1091.00
District 11LaurelUS 25E DNA Study201211‐185.00
District 11JacksonUS 421 Bridge Replacement DNA Study201211-1090.00
District 11HarlanKY-219 Bridge DNA2011
District 11LeslieUS-421 DNA Land Slide Study201111-5010.00
District 11BellKY 2011 Bridge DNA201111-1079.00
District 11LeslieUS 421 Bridge DNA201111-1078.00
District 11LaurelUS 25 DNA Pre-Design Scoping Study201111-0147.00
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