Appalachia Development Highway System


The ADHS was designed to generate economic development in previously isolated areas, supplement the interstate system, connect Appalachia to the interstate system, and provide access to areas within the Region as well a s to markets in the rest of the nation. Corridors B, B1, F, G, I, J, Q, and R are located in total or in part in Kentucky.

Every 5 years Kentucky submits a report of the system status to the Appalachian Regional Commission.  Download the 2012 ADHS Cost to Complete Book or select a corridor map from the menu below:

BCorridor B pg 01.pdfCorridor B pg 01
BCorridor B pg 02.pdfCorridor B pg 02
BCorridor B pg 03.pdfCorridor B pg 03
BCorridor B pg 04.pdfCorridor B pg 04
BCorridor B pg 05.pdfCorridor B pg 05
BCorridor B pg 06.pdfCorridor B pg 06
BCorridor B pg 07.pdfCorridor B pg 07
BCorridor B pg 08.pdfCorridor B pg 08
BCorridor B pg 09.pdfCorridor B pg 09
BCorridor B pg 10.pdfCorridor B pg 10
BCorridor B pg 11.pdfCorridor B pg 11
B1Corridor B1 pg1.pdfCorridor B1 pg1
B1Corridor B1 pg2.pdfCorridor B1 pg2
FCorridor F pg 1.pdfCorridor F pg 1
FCorridor F pg 2.pdfCorridor F pg 2
FCorridor F pg 3.pdfCorridor F pg 3
FCorridor F pg 4.pdfCorridor F pg 4
FCorridor F pg 5.pdfCorridor F pg 5
FCorridor F pg 6.pdfCorridor F pg 6
GCorridor G pg 1.pdfCorridor G pg 1
GCorridor G pg 2.pdfCorridor G pg 2
ICorridor I pg 1.pdfCorridor I pg 1
ICorridor I pg 2.pdfCorridor I pg 2
ICorridor I pg 3.pdfCorridor I pg 3
ICorridor I pg 4.pdfCorridor I pg 4
ICorridor I pg 5.pdfCorridor I pg 5
ICorridor I pg 6.pdfCorridor I pg 6
ICorridor I pg 7.pdfCorridor I pg 7
ICorridor I pg 8.pdfCorridor I pg 8
JCorridor J pg 1.pdfCorridor J pg 1
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