Printable Maps

Printable Maps
Downloadable, PDF versions of various road data. Check the different maps for their update frequency.

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Official Highway Map
Copyright Issues

​The Transportation Cabinet appreciates your interest in reproducing Cabinet maps. The Cabinet will agree to your usage only if the following conditions are met:
  1. There should be a credit statement “Approval by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet of the reproduction of a portion of the Kentucky Official Highway map should in no way be construed as promotion of any product advertised herein.”
  2. The map or related information must not explicitly or implicitly indicate that the Cabinet is in any way endorsing any product or service.
  3. The map must be reproduced without substantial alteration except to indicate the location of the business.
  4. The Cabinet must be provided a copy for review and concurrence prior to publication.
Upon receipt of the draft meeting the conditions stated above, the Cabinet will process your request as expeditiously as possible.

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