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A Roadway Reconfiguration is a traffic-management tool that improves safety and mobility by changing the number, size and type of travel lanes. It typically involves converting an existing four-lane, undivided roadway segment to a three-lane segment.

This Roadway Reconfiguration creates two outer lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions, with a shared two-way center lane that motorists can use to make left turns. A variety of reconfiguration options are also possible ranging from five-lane roads to single-lane roads.

A Roadway Reconfiguration is ideal for situations when traffic in one of two lanes backs up as a driver stops to make a left turn, leaving only one lane open.

By reducing the number of overall lanes, a Roadway Reconfiguration also creates space that can be used for a variety of functions based on the needs of a municipality. The space can be repurposed as bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian islands, on-street parking and other added aesthetics.

Roadway Reconfiguration are also known as:

  • Roadway reallocation
  • Rightsizing

When to use a Roadway Reconfiguration

There are many potential areas where a Roadway Reconfiguration may be appropriate and effective. Roadways may be evaluated for Road Diets based on changes in traffic demands, area development, and user needs.

Roadway Reconfiguration work best on roads where the average daily traffic volume does not exceed 25,000 vehicles.


  • Safety – Unnecessarily wide streets become leaner, slowing vehicle speeds. There's a reduction of rear-end and left-turn crashes due to having a dedicated left-turn lane. Right-angle crashes are also reduced as side street motorists cross fewer travel lanes.​
  • Mobility – A Roadway Reconfiguration design improves travel for all users, not just motorists, with elements that make the roadway appealing for pedestrians, cyclists and other forms of transit.

How to use a Roadway Reconfiguration

Pedestrians and those operating non-motorized vehicles should pay attention as the reconfigured roadway will be different than it was before.

Travel lanes for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are clearly marked, with delineators or traffic dividers where feasible, to emphasize clarity and road-behavior instructions.

Roadway Reconfiguration​ in Kentucky

  US 42/Brownsboro Road Jefferson County​


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