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A Double Crossover Diamond (DCD) is an interchange with two signalized intersections, where traffic between the intersections crosses over to the left side of the roadway. As vehicles exit the interchange, they return to the right side of the road.


This design allows for vehicles to turn left onto and off freeway ramps without stopping or crossing opposing lanes of traffic. Right turns on and off freeway ramps occur either before or after the crossover intersections.

A DCD can be either an overpass or underpass depending on need.

Clear lane markings and signage at DCDs help safely guide motorists through the interchange, even those who are inexperienced in driving through DCDs.

A DCD is also known as:

  • A Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)

When to use a DCD

DCDs should be used to reconfigure conventional intersections that have high traffic volumes and crash frequencies and need a cost-effective solution. 


  • Safety — DCDs reduce wrong-way entries to ramps, the number of times opposing traffic crosses paths and the potential number of crash points for vehicles. They also reduce speeds, so if crashes do occur then they are less severe. 
  • Efficiency — DCDs operate with fewer traffic signal phases, which increases the volume of traffic and decreases delays.  The design also provides motorists with easier access to the highway without having to cross opposing traffic. 
  • Cost effective – Rather than building new lanes or bridges, a DCD design can improve traditional interchanges by reconfiguring existing lanes and intersections at a lesser cost.

How to use a DCD

Motorists on the main road turning right within a DCD, merge onto a freeway ramp just like a conventional interchange. Motorists on an exit ramp also turn and merge right like at a conventional interchange.  

Motorists on the main road traveling straight or turning left within a DCD, follow lane markings and traffic signals to cross to the left side of the main road.  They can then turn left onto the freeway ramp or cross back over to the right side of the main road to continue to travel straight through the intersection.

When turning left from an exit ramp, motorists stay on the left side of the main road and travel through the intersection before moving to the right side of the main road. 

Pedestrians will encounter multiple marked crosswalks and can use them to safely navigate the interchange.

Cyclists, depending on their level of comfort, may navigate the intersection using designated vehicles and/or pedestrian paths if those are offered.

DCDs in Kentucky

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