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Mini-roundabouts function the same as roundabouts, with the added benefit of having a smaller footprint. They are characterized by their smaller diameter and having mountable center islands and splitter islands between lanes.


Like other roundabouts, mini-roundabouts are one-way circular intersections where vehicles move counterclockwise around a central island. There are no traffic signals or stop signs so vehicles can flow continuously through the intersection. 

Vehicles entering a mini-roundabout slow down and yield to the vehicles already within the circle.

The islands within a mini-roundabout are paved and designed to allow for larger vehicles to drive over them when extra space is needed. 

Benefits and when to use mini-roundabouts

Mini-roundabouts possess many of the same benefits as roundabouts. They are safer, more efficient and less costly than conventional intersections.

Mini-roundabouts also have the benefit of taking up less space than a standard roundabout, and often can be built within the existing highway right-of-way.  They are best suited for areas where speeds are already low and environmental constraints would preclude the use of a larger roundabout with a raised central island.

How to use a mini-roundabout

Motorists can navigate a mini-roundabout by following four simple steps:

  1. Slow Down – As motorists approach a roundabout, they should slow down to the advised speed and prepare to stop if necessary.
  2. Be Ready to Yield – Just before entering a roundabout, motorists should watch for – and yield to – pedestrians in the crosswalk or bicyclists. Also, motorists should give the right-of-way to vehicles that are already in the roundabout, approaching from the left.
  3. Stay In the Correct Lane – Motorists should get in the appropriate lane well in advance of the intersection. Lane use signs will always show which lanes can be used for different turns.
Do not stop within a roundabout – Motorists should not stop, even if they miss their exit. Instead, they should continue around the circle and attempt the intended exit again.
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