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A Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) is a four-lane highway intersection design consisting of one main intersection and two median crossover intersections. 


It includes:
  • ​A four-lane highway (two sets of lanes moving in opposite directions)
  • Two median crossover intersections
  • One main intersection

What are the benefits of an RCUT?
  • Enhanced safety – Motorists only focus on one direction of oncoming traffic at a time, making the intersection safer and easier to navigate.
  • Increased efficiency – The RCUT design has fewer traffic lights and stops when compared to a standard intersection, resulting in shorter wait times for motorists. ​
  • More capacity – Each direction of an RCUT operates independently by creating two one-way streets to decongest the flow of traffic.

When can an RCUT be used? 
  • RCUTs are most effective when an intersection has:
    • ​Median-divided highways
    • ​Heavy through and left-turn traffic volumes on the main road
    • Low through and left-turn traffic volumes on side streets

​How does an RCUT work?
  • When approaching an RCUT from the main road, drivers can continue straight or make a left/right turn 
  • When approaching from side streets, drivers start by making a right turn
    • ​After turning right, drivers can continue straight or enter the left turn lane to make a U-turn through the median
    • After making a U-turn, drivers can complete their desired movement through the intersection
  • ​Pedestrians follow crosswalks 
  • Bicyclists use pedestrian paths or follow the traffic law

Where are RCUTs in Kentucky?
KY 80/KY 1535: Laurel County

Ring Road/Bacon Creek Road intersection: Hardin County​

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