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The flashing yellow arrow is a traffic signal display option that provides a safer, more efficient and intuitive left turn option for drivers.


It indicates to drivers that they may turn left but must first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. 

Other display options on a traffic signal with flashing yellow arrows include:

  • Steady red arrow – drivers turning left must stop.
  • Steady yellow arrow – drivers turning left should slow down and stop if safe to do so.
  • Steady green arrow – drivers turning left may proceed.

A flashing yellow arrow replaces the steady green circle as a “yield and proceed with caution" display option.

Data shows that drivers turning left on a steady green circle can mistakenly think they have the right of way over opposing traffic. This misunderstanding increases the risk of crashes. 

The flashing yellow arrow signal helps reduce this risk, as it more clearly indicates to drivers that they must yield to oncoming traffic before turning. 

When to use Flashing Yellow Arrow

The flashing yellow arrow may be used at any intersection at any time, but the most typical use will be at intersections and times-of-day that have lower traffic volumes, lower speeds and other favorable conditions.


Flashing yellow arrows are an effective traffic management tool and have been shown to help drivers make fewer mistakes. They keep motorists safer during heavy traffic and reduce delays when traffic is light.

Flashing yellow arrows also improve traffic flow and efficiency by allowing left-turning drivers to proceed when there is no oncoming traffic. 

Flashing Yellow Arrows in Kentucky

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