Boat Titling

link arrow.png Title Application Manual for Boats new to KY

Topics this document covers:

  •  Requesting a State-Issued HIN
  •  Certificate of Origin
  •  Dealer Assignment of an Out of State Title
  •  Out of State Transfer to a KY Resident
  •  Other 1st- including Homemade Boats
  •  Salvages
    •    Salvage-Certificate of Origin
    •    Salvage-Dealer Assignment of an Out of State Title
    •    Salvage-Out of State Transfer to a KY Resident
  •  Multiple Transfers
    •    KY Transfer
    •    Dealer Assignment                                        


link arrow.png Title Application Manual for Existing KY Titles

Topics this document covers:

  • KY Transfer
  • Dealer Assignment of a KY Title
  • Duplicate Title
  • Update Title
  • Repossessions (Lienholder and New Buyer Transfers)
  • Salvages
    • Salvage-Update
    • Salvage-Transfer
    • Salvage-Dealer Assignment
    • Salvage-Duplicate
  • Rebuilts
    • Rebuilt-Update
    • Rebuilt-Transfer
    • Rebuilt-Dealer Assignment
  • Multiple Transfers
    • KY Transfer
    • Dealer Assignment
    • Salvage Transfer
    • Salvage Dealer Assignment


 link arrow.pngTitle Application Additional Info Manual

Topics this document covers:

  • General Title Requirements
  • Boat Ownership Personal Info Requirements
  • Requesting a State-Issued HIN
  • Editing a Title Application from the Shopping Cart and after Checking Out
  • Paying Delinquent Ad Valorem with a Title Application
  • Resuming a Title Application Placed on Hold
  • Title Application Queues
  • Reprocessing a Cancelled Title Application
  • PVA Issues During a Title Application
  • Title Application Statuses
  • Coast Guard Vessel Types and Descriptions
Boat Registration/Manage Actions

link arrow.pngBoat Registration and Ad Valorem Manual

Topics this document covers:

  • Boat Missing Required Vehicle Information (Red R Icon)
  • Registration of Single and Multiple Boats in 1 transaction
  • Registration Cancellation
    • Junk
    • Sold Out of State
    • Incomplete Transfer
    • Documenting a Boat
  • Printing a Registration Duplicate/PODD Receipt
  • Decal Replacement
  • Single Ad Valorem Payment
  • Ad Val Payment with a Registration
  • Ad Val Payment with a Title Application
  • PVA Issues

 Additional Boat Functionality

link arrow.png Reversals, Liens and KAVIS Reports Manual

Topics this documents covers:

  • Vehicle Summary Page Details
  • Reversals
    • Reactivation
    • PVA Ad Val Adjustment
    • Use Tax Reversal
  • Lien Management
    • Adding a Filed Lien to an Active Title
    • Filing a Pending or Deleted Lien
    • Releasing or Deleting a Lien
  • KAVIS Boat Reports
    • Ad Valorem Backouts and Underpaids
    • Monthly Ad Valorem Tax Collection Journal
    • Weekly Recapitulation for Boat Use Tax
    • Boat Transmittal of Title Applications
    • Lien Processing Report
    • Pending Lien Report
    • Monthly Destruction Report
    • Daily Transmittal Cover Sheet
    • Weekly Report Cover Sheet
Topics this documents covers:
  • Customer Account Page Details
  • KAVIS Cusomter Accounts
    • Searching for KAVIS Customers
    • Adding new KAVIS Customers
    • Merging and Unmerging Customer Accounts
  • Point of Sale Customer Accounts
    • Point of Sale Customer Inquiry
    • Adding Point of Sale Customers


    Quick Reference Guides

link arrow.pngKAVIS Boat Refresher Course FAQ

link arrow.pngKAVIS Boat Frequently Asked Questions

link arrow.pngBoat Renewal and Transfer Notices QRG

link arrow.pngCancel Registration QRG

link arrow.pngMoved Out of State vs. Sold Out of State QRG

link arrow.png Ad Valorem Payments in Bulk

link arrow.png Reactivate a Junked Boat QRG

link arrow.png The Difference between County of Residence and County of Dockage

link arrow.pngCustomer Search QRG

link arrow.pngOwner Moving Out of State QRG

link arrow.pngCustomer Merge QRG

link arrow.png Multiple Transfer Applications QRG

link arrow.pngTitle Application Statuses QRG

link arrow.png Tips for peventing a title with a pending lien from printing QRG



      Training Resources

link arrow.pngBoat Practice Scenarios for the UAT Practice Website

link arrow.pngUAT Practice Website




link arrow.png Title Actions, Example of a KY Transfer

link arrow.pngVehicle Summary Page, Registration & PVA

link arrow.pngReversals​​

link arrow.pngBoat Refresher Course March 2022

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