Technical Resources
Commonly Used Stormwater Acronyms and Abbreviations
Many acronyms and abbreviations are used in the technical resources sections of our website.  Below are some that are commonly used when talking about the stormwater program.
What is the relationship between MS4 communities and KYTC?
KYTC partners with most MS4 communities in Kentucky to implement practices that protect our waterways.  Through these partnerships, KYTC provides statewide stormwater resources to partner communities.  Partner communities implement these resources at a local level.
What are KYTC’s responsibilities?
KYTC’s responsibilities are included in their Individual Stormwater MS4 Permit ...
Communities with regulated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) have the opportunity to partner with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), which implements its own stormwater program.  KYTC has compiled or developed many materials for the purpose of sharing resources with Partner Communities and facilitating stormwater program implementation in Kentucky.  Resources are organized by Minimum Control
Sediment is the number one pollutant impairing streams in Kentucky.  Resources in this section are available to assist you in permitting stormwater runoff from construction sites and preventing sediment-laden stormwater runoff from leaving a construction site.
What regulations must be considered prior to site disturbance?
Regulations dictating management of land disturbing activities should be reviewed at the ...
Materials have been developed specifically for Kentucky that meet Core Content requirements.  Additional materials developed through the Environmental Protection Agency and others address a variety of stormwater issues that are relevant to the classroom and are effective in engaging students.
Kentucky Resources
Stormwater Education Toolkit for Schools.  Information, resources and lessons for a variety of target audiences.