District 7 Traffic- 800 Newtown Ct Lexington KY


Counties: Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Fayette, Garrard, Jessamine, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Scott, Woodford​


***FOR LEXINGTON SIGNALS and DEVICES CONTACT (859)-425-2255 OR Lexington Traffic Signals ***

For New Signal or Electrical Devices Requests or Intersection Concerns contact (859) 246-2355 or email -Traffic Engineer
Please Include County, Intersection, and a description of your request.

Contractor Locates-For work near a state owned traffic signal, fill out our Locates Request Form​.​ The District requires 3-5 business days to complete locate requests. 

To Report a damaged or missing sign, Submit a maintenance report: Sign Maintenance Report​​

To Request a new sign:
  • For Information on Green/Brown Panel Signs on Interstates, Parkways, New Circle Rd,  visit- Panel Sign and Logo Sign Programs
    • Includes Requests for Tourist attractions and destinations on large panel signs on Freeways(Interstates and Parkways)
      • Includes requests for Business logos on Food/Lodging/Gas large Panel Signs on Freeways and ramps- contact KY LOGOS
      • Includes requests for TOD (Blue and White Tourist Destinations signs) on Conventional Routes. contact KY LOGOS
  • For Community Wayfinding Signs (Signs for Attractions and Tourist Destinations) contact your local City Official or Tourism Board to be included in the community program. 
  • For Street Name Signs Delaney Ferry Rd B font.png contact your local City or County Facility for new or repairs. City or County contacts
  • For all other NEW sign requests (Stop, Speed Limit, Yellow warning signs,etc)- submit your request here: Sign Request

For signs in Construction Work Zones, contact: Construction Department

To report signs needing maintenance on state owned routes: submit a Sign Maintenance Report

To report unpermitted signs such as campaign signs, banners, other non official state signs:  Permits


​​​Ever wonder how traffic signals work and why stopping at the stop bar is crucial for road safety?​​​​

Stop Bar Yes No.png 

The STOP BAR is that thick white line painted on the road before an intersection or crosswalk. Stopping here can improve your view of oncoming traffic, ensures you are not in the way of turning traffic, and/or gives pedestrians a safe space to cross.

Signals detect vehicles at the stop bar up to 30ft back. If you are not within that zone, the signal does not know you are there and YOU MAY GET SKIPPED!  Not getting a green can be frustrating! 

Running a red light or stopping beyond the stop bar can result in fines, points on your driving record or even crashes. 

When approaching a signal ​on a solid yellow, come to a stop if it is safe to do so. When approaching a signal on a red, come to a complete stop BEHIND the stop bar, and wait for the traffic signal to change. 



​Roadway paint contains dry reflective beading. When it rains and water covers the imbedded beads, vehicle lights reflect off the water and are unable to make it down to the beads, making lines harder to see. Adjust your driving speeds to be appropriate for the weather conditions. 

The state maintains striping once a year with a Long Line contract. To submit a concern, fill out our Pavement Markings and Marker Request Form


The state maintains street lights on freeways (interstates, parkways, the un-signalized portion of new circle), roundabouts outside city limits, and very few other scattered locations. Check to see if your light is State Owned Lighting (attn: lighting may not be up to date for current projects)​ and report location of light on our  Technician Report​ Form.  
If the light of concern is not on this map, contact the local utility company, city, or county to report the outage. 

Contractor Locates-For work near a state owned traffic signal, fill out our Locates Request Form.  The District requires 3-5 business days to complete locate requests. 

                        TRAFFIC HAPPENINGS

​April 2022: Signal System retiming and coordination on US 460 in Mount Sterling KY.​ Complete
US 460 Mt Sterling.png

September 2022: Coordinated Signal System Retiming efforts in Richmond KY, Eastern Bypass. Complete​​
Richmond Bypass Project Sheet.png

                              ADOPT A HIGHWAY

Click here for more info about this program: Adopt A Highway Info

For a map showing state owned routes: State or Local Road?

Official Businesses or established organizations may request to adopt a highway in D7 by contacting our AAH Coordinator.

Memory Lane - Tribute page to honor lives lost on Kentucky Highways. ​​

                            TRAFFIC HAPPENINGS

Signal System Coordination and Retiming on US 27 (Nicholasville Rd) and US 27Bypass in Jessamine County. Complete 10/2023

Signal System Coordination and Retiming on KY 1958 (bypass) in Clark County. Active

Development of Pedestrian Guidance Manual and evaluation of uncontrolled crossings across the District to identify future project improvements. Complete

Signal System Coordination and Retiming on Montgomery Bypass- Active

Split phase operations to incorporate dual left turns at the Kohl/Sams Club signal in Jessamine county- In progress for mid April.​

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