Sign Programs and Standards


Damaged Signs (Freeways/Expressways)

 Jefferson Memorial Forest brown damaged sign  green damaged sign interstate exit sign laying on ground   damaged green interstate sign laying on ground damaged

Contact your local KYTC District Office​ to report a damaged panel sign. This includes the large, green, brown, or blue signs found on freeways and expressways. See example photos above.

Damages could include:
  • Sign on the ground or leaning
  • Missing or incorrect sign / information
  • Damaged support beams
  • Retroflectivity issues
  • Vandalism / Graffiti

If there are issues with smaller signs, such as Stop, Speed Limit, yellow warning signs, etc., please contact the appropriate KYTC District Office.

​Green Guide Signs (Freeways/Expressways)


bowling green scottsville green guide sign  green guide sign exit 20 with white arrow

Green Guide Signs are the large signs along freeways and expressways that provide motorists, who are unfamiliar with a route or area, clear instructions for orderly progress to their destination.  These signs may be mounted overhead or on the side of the road.​

For more information on these signs, please contact Our Office.

​Supplemental Guide Signs (Freeways/Expressways)

3 supplemental guide signs left green calhoun airport middle sign industrial park right blue hospital signSupplemental Guide Signs are additional signs in advance of an interchange that can be used to provide information to motorists regarding destinations accessible at an interchange other than the places displayed on the main interchange guide signs.  

For more information on these signs, please contact Our Office.

​Limited Supplemental Guide Signs (Freeways/Expressways)

 limited supplemental guide sign to makers mark distillery and bardstown historic district   limited supplemental guide sign to creation museum   limited supplemental guide sign to south central Kentucky cultural center

Limited Supplemental Guide Signs (LSGS) are the large brown signs installed on freeways and expressways across Kentucky.  These signs provide information to motorists about tourist attractions accessible from the upcoming interchange.  

These signs are controlled by;


​Community Wayfinding Guide Signs (Conventional Routes)

 3 community wayfinding guide signs to great falls various places in hamilton and left sign to community center

Community wayfinding guide signs are part of a coordinated and continuous system of signs that direct tourists and other road users to key civic, cultural, visitor, and recreational attractions and other destinations within a city or a local urbanized or downtown area. 

Community wayfinding guide signs can have a common color and/or identification enhancement marker for destinations within an overall wayfinding guide sign plan for an area. 

Community wayfinding guide signs are only applicable on conventional routes. 

For more information on this program, please contact the Permits Office of your corresponding KYTC District Office.​    

​Blue LOGO Signs (Interstates and Parkways)

For information on how to get your business or attraction on a Blue LOGO sign, contact:

Blue LOGO sign food exit 190 

Blue TODS Signs (Conventional Routes)

For information on how to get your business or attraction on a smaller Blue TODS sign, contact:

Blue TODS sign to tourist activities 

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