Standard Drawings 2020

​Standard Drawings PDF's By Sections
Contans Bearing Devices BBP-001 thru BBP-003
Contains Bridge Standards BSA-001 thru BSP-012
Contains Bridge General BGX-004 to BGX-026
Contains Deck Units BDP-001 thru BDP-013
Handrail BHS-007 thru BHS-016
Joint and Expansion Devices BJE-001 thru BJE-006
Piling BPC-002 thru BPS-012
00_BarriersContains Barriers RBB-001 thru RBR-100-07
00_DrainageContains Drainage Rdb-001 thru Rdx-300
00_Fences and GatesFences and Gates RFC-001 thru RFW-006
00_PavementPavement RPM-001 thru RPX-100
00_Roadway_GeneralContains Roadway General RGS-001 to RGX-200
Permanent TPM-100 thru TPR-130
Temporary TTC-100 through TTS-135

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