Subcontract Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Provider

 How to Become a Non-Emergency Medical (NEMT) Transportation Provider

Thank you for contacting the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery.  Below are the steps to take in becoming an approved Non-Emergency Medical (Medicaid) Transportation Provider (NEMT).

  • First, legally establish the transportation company.  Depending on how the company is set up (Incorporated, LLC, Sole proprietor, etc.), the company may be required to file with the Kentucky Secretary of State's Office.  For more information on business filings, please see the following link:  Kentucky Secretary of State
  • Second, the transportation company must apply for State Motor Carrier Operating Authority (certificate) which allows the company to operate as a for-hire passenger motor carrier in Kentucky. To do this, call the Division of Motor Carriers at 502-564-1257 and request an application for either Taxi Authority or Disabled Persons Vehicle (DPV) Authority.  The only real difference between the two authorities is that under DPV, all vehicles must be wheelchair lift or ramp equipped.  The transportation company can still transport non-wheelchair people in those vehicles; but the DPV vehicles must be wheelchair/ADA accessible. For more information, see the following link: DriveKY

  • Once the transportation company is notified of its approval for authority/certificate, the transportation company will have to qualify vehicles through the Division of Motor Carriers.  Once qualified, the Division of Motor Carriers will issue a license plate and fee receipt card for each vehicle.

After operating authority is obtained and once all vehicles are qualified through the Division of Motor Carriers, the transportation company is ready to apply to enter into the Medicaid Transportation Provider network.

  • First, the transportation company must contact the Regional Broker for the county in which the transportation company intends to operate.  For a listing of Brokers and the counties they serve, please select the following link:  Office of Transportation Delivery HSTD 

  • The transportation company will notify the Broker that the company has obtained a certificate and wants to subcontract with the Broker.  The Broker will schedule a time to review the contract, inspect vehicles, obtain copies of insurance information, obtain copies of vehicle registrations, obtain worker's compensation insurance verification, and obtain copies of the operating authority certificate(s) and fee receipt card(s).  All employees/drivers must be entered into a statewide drug and alcohol random pool. Background checks and pre-employment drug and alcohol tests will have to be completed for all subcontractor safety-sensitive employees; minimum trainings must be obtained as well.  The Broker will walk the transportation company through this process.

One of the last steps to take is to Apply for Medicaid Provider Identification (billing) Numbers for each service type the transportation company wants to transport. 

There are four (4) recipient, or, service types of transportation:

          Type 02 – Ambulatory (for profit) – Provider Specialty 263 (no special assistance or needs required);

          Type 04 – Ambulatory Bus (non-profit) – Provider Specialty 262 (no special assistance or needs required);

          Type 07 - Common Carrier - Ambulatory – Provider Specialty 264 (disoriented recipients who may require an escort); 

          Type 08 - Common Carrier - Non-Ambulatory – Provider Specialty 265 (Wheelchair). 

A provider will apply for up to three provider numbers depending on if a for profit or non-profit entity. (02, 07, 08 or 04, 07, 08). The Broker can assist the transportation company with this process. 

Three (3) separate applications (one for each type of service) are required to be submitted if the transportation company intends to transport all three-passenger types.  On the application, Box #7  enter Provider Type 56. The transportation specialty type (262, 263, 264, 265 identified above) must be included on the Medicaid Provider application in Box #8.  The Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application (MAP 811) can be located at the following link:  MAP 811 Checklist -

The applicant must print out three separate applications, complete, sign, and submit to the Regional Broker for the Broker Signature.  The Broker will return the applications to the applicant.  The applicant must then submit the application via the Kentucky Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal -  Once prompted, the provider will be required to upload the Broker signature page of the MAP 811.  In addition, a provider applicant will also be required to upload a copy of the transportation operating certificate which is considered the "license" when prompted during the enrollment process.  A provider applicant can view the status of the pending application via the Kentucky Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal dashboard.

For questions, please email


Once approved, a transportation provider must print a copy of the "Welcome Letter" for each service type and provide a copy to the Regional Transportation Broker.  The Welcome Letter includes the transportation provider's assigned Medicaid Provider Number.

  • Once the Broker has all the information obtained on the transportation company, the Broker will forward the company's information to the Office of Transportation Delivery. The Broker will be notified once the subcontractor is entered into the system to begin service.

Things to remember:   The transportation provider's contract is with the Broker, not the Commonwealth.  The Broker receives all trip reservations and then dispatches trips out to approved providers.  Providers will invoice the Broker once the trips are complete; and the Broker will issue payment to the transportation provider.

Please note: Transportation providers are prohibited, per regulation, from soliciting Medicaid trips.


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