SHIFT: Prioritizing Kentucky's Transportation Dollars

The Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT) is the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's data-driven, objective approach to compare capital improvement projects and prioritize limited transportation funds.

SHIFT helps reduce overprogramming and provides a clear road map for construction in the coming years. The formula applies to all transportation funding that isn't prioritized by other means, such as maintenance work, local government projects and dedicated federal projects. (Click here for list of project areas inside and outside of SHIFT.) 


Seven Key Attributes

SHIFT allows policy makers to see just how far down the priority list our limited dollars will go and which other projects could be funded if additional dollars were generated. This collaborative model uses measurable data to assess the need for and benefits of planned projects and compare them to each other.  Projects are scored based on these seven key attributes:

How SHIFT Works


The List – KYTC starts with a list of projects previously identified by state and local transportation leaders (Area Development Districts, Metropolitan Planning Organizations and KYTC Districts). These leaders may add or subtract projects at this stage.​

Sponsorship – To move forward, projects must be sponsored by local transportation leaders. Each ADD, MPO and District are allocated a number of sponsorships based on population, lane miles and number of counties served. After consulting with local elected officials, transportation leaders choose which projects to sponsor.
Review and Scoring – Each project is reviewed and scored in a two-step system – statewide and local. Statewide scoring is on a scale of 0 to 100 and local scoring is on a scale of 0 to 80.
Through a process known as Boosting (discussed below), local projects could also obtain a maximum score of 100. Both phases are done with a formula that uses objective measures
for seven key attributes – safety, congestion, asset management, economic growth, benefit/cost, resiliency, and non-motorized mobility. Projects of statewide significance – interstates, parkways, and other major connecting routes – are scored first. The remaining projects, known as local projects, are scored using a similar formula.​

Statewide Priorities – KYTC reviews the scores of the projects of statewide significance and selects projects for priority funding. The remaining statewide projects are considered
during the next phase.

Local Boosting – Local transportation leaders take the lead role in prioritizing local priorities, which include highways and local roads as well as the remaining statewide projects.
Using local insights, ADDs, MPOs and KYTC Districts may "boost" the scores for their top priority projects, adding 10 points to their base scores on the 0-to-80-point scale.
Projects boosted by both the District and ADD/MPO receive an additional 20 points – a "turbo boost."
Local Priorities – Kentucky is divided intotwelve highway districts.– each containing several contiguous counties. After combining the project scores with the local boosts, projects
in each KYTC District are prioritized for consideration in the next state highway plan.
Recommended State Highway Plan – KYTC combines the statewide and local priorities to help develop the Governor's Recommended State Highway Plan, which is presented
to the General Assembly.

Enacted State Highway Plan – During the legislative session, lawmakers fine-tune the plan based on additional information and funding availability. The result is the
Enacted State Highway Plan, which includes two years of funded projects and spending priorities for the following four years.

​SHIFT 2024

SHIFT 2024 is underway and will help lead to the 2024 Recommended Highway Plan. The 2024 process includes several refinements to scoring metrics and the prioritization process based on feedback and experience.

Supporting Resources

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