Organizational Charts


Below are PDF files showing structures and substructures of each of the organizational units of the Cabinet.

Transportation Cabinet Charts

Transportation Cabinet Executive Offices

Transportation Cabinet Organizational Chart with Signature

Transportation Cabinet Organizational Chart with Executive Management (Note:  The name of each organizational unit on this chart is a link to a description of the unit, including its substructure, responsibilities, and services.)

Organizational Unit Charts

  Type             Organizational Unit

Audit Services.pdfAudit Services
Budget and Fiscal Management.pdfBudget and Fiscal Management
Capital City Airport.pdfCapital City Airport
Civil Rights and Small Business Development.pdfCivil Rights and Small Business Development
Construction Procurement.pdfConstruction Procurement
Customer Service.pdfCustomer Service
District 1.pdfDistrict 1
District 2.pdfDistrict 2
District 3.pdfDistrict 3
District 4.pdfDistrict 4
District 5.pdfDistrict 5
District 6.pdfDistrict 6
District 7.pdfDistrict 7
District 8.pdfDistrict 8
District 9.pdfDistrict 9
District 10.pdfDistrict 10
District 11.pdfDistrict 11
District 12.pdfDistrict 12
Driver Licensing.pdfDriver Licensing
Environmental Analysis.pdfEnvironmental Analysis
Facilities Support.pdfFacilities Support
Graphic Design and Printing.pdfGraphic Design and Printing
Greater Commonwealth Aviation.pdfGreater Commonwealth Aviation
Highway Design.pdfHighway Design
Highway Safety.pdfHighway Safety
Highway Safety Programs.pdfHighway Safety Programs
Human Resource Management.pdfHuman Resource Management
Incident Management.pdfIncident Management
Information Technology.pdfInformation Technology
Inspector General.pdfInspector General
Legal Services.pdfLegal Services
Local Programs.pdfLocal Programs
Motor Carriers.pdfMotor Carriers
Motor Vehicle Licensing.pdfMotor Vehicle Licensing
Personnel Management.pdfPersonnel Management
Professional Development and Organizational Management.pdfProfessional Development and Organizational Management
Professional Services.pdfProfessional Services
Program Management.pdfProgram Management
Project Delivery and Preservation.pdfProject Delivery and Preservation
Project Development.pdfProject Development
Public Affairs.pdfPublic Affairs
Right of Way and Utilities.pdfRight of Way and Utilities
Road Fund Audits.pdfRoad Fund Audits
Rural and Municipal Aid.pdfRural and Municipal Aid
Rural and Secondary Roads.pdfRural and Secondary Roads
Secretary's Office of Safety.pdfSecretary's Office of Safety
Structural Design.pdfStructural Design
Support Services.pdfSupport Services
Traffic Operations.pdfTraffic Operations
Transportation Delivery.pdfTransportation Delivery
Vehicle Regulation.pdfVehicle Regulation
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