US 150 Project Between Bardstown & Springfield

(August 2021 Update) Nelson and Washington Counties:

  • Following public meetings and Hearings held from 2019 thru 2021, KYTC has evaluated public input, engineering considerations, environmental impacts, availability of funding, and other criteria and has made decisions regarding the advancement of the US150 corridor:
    • Nelson County – Alternative 2A, as previously presented to the public as the Preferred alternative, has been confirmed by the Project Team as the Preferred alternative to advance.
    • Washington County – Alternative 1, as presented to the public in April 2019 public meetings, has been identified by the Project Team as the selected alternative to advance.
  • A letter with additional information was mailed to all public that expressed interest in the project throughout the public involvement phase on August 10th, 2021:
  • Displays of the Preferred and Selected Alternatives are available below:
  • Next Steps:
    • Nelson County – Geotechnical field investigations will begin in September 2021. Environmental documentation is being finalized and expected to be completed by the end of 2021, at which time final design activities can begin. Additional funding for the project will need to be identified in the biennial budget by the KY General Assembly to complete final design and advance into Right of Way acquisition. The KY General Assembly meets next in 2022.
    • Washington County from Fredericktown Rd to Mayfield Ln – Right of Way acquisition funding is available in the current budget. It is anticipated a Right of Way informational meeting will be held for effected property owners in early 2022. At this meeting the final plans will be available for review and the Right of Way acquisition process will be explained. Invitations will be sent when that meeting is scheduled.
    • Washington County from Mayfield Ln to Springfield Bypass – Additional funding will need to be identified in the biennial budget by the KY General Assembly for this project to advance. The KY General Assembly meets next in 2022.
  • Materials from previous US 150 corridor meetings can be found further down this page.

Additional Project Information Contact:

Nelson County Segment: Bradley D. Bottoms, P.E. (

Washington County Segments: Chris A. Smith, P.E. (

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, District 4

634 East Dixie Highway, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, 42701

Telephone: 270-766-5066

(November 2020 Update) Nelson County Portion:

· An online public hearing was held November 10th from 5-7pm. A recording is available by using the following link:

· Project materials (project displays, handouts, etc) are available here:

   Additional Project Information Contact:

   Bradley D. Bottoms, P.E.

   Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, District 4

   634 East Dixie Highway, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, 42701

   Telephone: 270-766-5066


Materials From (2019) US 150 Public Meeting Below (Nelson & Washington County Portions): 









Meeting Materials For Download:

US150 Corridor from Bardstown to Springfield

PowerPoint Presentation.pdf

Handout Brochure From The Meeting.pdf

Questionnaire - April 9.pdf

Questionnaire - April 23.pdf

Typical_Sections Rural.pdf

Typical_Sections Urban.pdf


·         Nelson County – From near Bluegrass Parkway to Washington County Line:

Nelson-Overview Map.pdf

Nelson-Comparison Matrix.pdf

Nelson-Alt1-Red: On Corridor Improvements.pdf

Nelson-Alt2-Yellow: Off Corridor to the North.pdf

Nelson-Alt3-Magenta: Off Corridor to the North and South.pdf

Nelson-Alt4-Green: Off Corridor to the South.pdf

Nelson-KY605-Options For Alternate 3.pdf

Nelson-KY605-Options For Alternate 4.pdf


·         Washington County

o   From Fredricktown Road near Nelson County Line to Mayfield Lane



Washington-IV-Comparison Matrix.pdf

o   From Mayfield Lane to US150 Bypass near Springfield



Washington-V-Comparison Matrix.pdf



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