Kentucky Qualified Testers and Laboratories (KQTL)

Training Schedules and Registration Forms:


In addition to completing the appropriate registration form below, all state employees are required to complete form TC 12-242E (External Training Authorization & Registration). This form should be completed by the employee, approved by the supervisor and office head, and then sent to Stephanie Dunn of the Office of Human Resource Management. This form is now located on the KYTC intranet.
  • Link to Kentucky Crushed Stone Association's Web-Site, updated 11/04/2015.
  • Link to UK's Asphalt Training and Testing Web-Site, updated 05/13/2011.
Bridge Coatings Inspection
  • Link to SSPC's Web-Site for Coatings Inspection Training and Certification for the Bridge Industry, updated 06/07/2017.
  • Link to KRMCA Web-Site, updated 6/10/2004.
  • Or contact John McChord of KRMCA at (800) 737-1535
  • This course is required for all individuals that perform erosion control inspections on KYTC projects.
  • Please follow this link for additional information.
  • Link to UK's Grade and Drain Training Web-Site, updated 03/07/2013.

Pavement Markings

  • 18 kb, 2 Pages, updated 11/06/2017.

Pavement Markings Manual

    • 13.2 Mb, 294 Pages, updated 02/7/2014.

Structures Level I

  • 439 kb, 4 Pages, updated 11/15/2017.
  • 150 kb, 4 Pages, updated 06/07/2017.