Post Construction Review

The PCR program conducts reviews of projects by meeting in a face-to-face setting at the local District office with the stakeholders of the project.  The Review Team usually consists of the following KYTC personnel: 

District TBM for PD

District Section Engineer

District TEBM for PD&P

District Staff Engineer

District Lead Inspector

District Project Manager

District Chief District Engineer

Additional team members may include:

Prime Contractor representation

Consultant Roadway Designer

FHWA Field Engineer​

Central Office PCR Coordinator

Central Office Lessons Learned Coordinator

Central Office TEBM for Quality Assurance

Central Office Maintenance Liaison

Central Office Construction Liaison

Central Office Location Engineer​

The PCR works through a brief agenda.  Informal discussions of topics may include change orders, claims, line item overruns, maintenance of traffic issues and any other project issues that the review team wishes to discuss.  Often issues are resolved with good communication on the project but lessons can be learned from the  group resolutions.  These conversations are encouraged to be shared as well for the benefit of all.  They are documented in fact sheets.  The review process is meant to provide a learning platform to help promote better design processes and policies.  It is NOT considered an audit of the project in any manner.
Once the review meeting is completed, a site visit is often performed for photo documentation and insight to the discussed issues.  Within a week, the PCR Coordinator sends a draft copy of the fact sheet, which categorizes the details of the issues and solutions that were discussed, to the review team for evaluation.  After revisions are made, the finalizes fact sheet is distributed to key personnel both inside KYTC and to the private sector, i.e., the consulting and construction industry.  The fact sheet data is also inputted and made available on our Lessons Learned GIS Database
 If you have any further questions please contact the PCR Coordinator 
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