KEEN Coordinators and Presenters take the responsibility of educating the youth of Kentucky.  In an effort to support that goal, the following materials are available.  Materials are divided into the following categories for ease of dissemination:


Presentation Materials - Presentations, documents and other materials to use when delivering KEEN Events.


Program Materials - Documents, policy and statistical information about the KEEN Program as a whole.


Other Materials - Scholarship information and other materials supportive of the KEEN Mission.

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Aerodynamics - Paper Planes.pptxAerodynamics - Paper PlanesPresentation
Aerodynamics Paper Planes Instructions.pdfAerodynamics Paper Planes InstructionsPresentation
Aluminum Boats Handout.docxAluminum Boats HandoutPresentation
Archimedes Aluminum Boat.pptArchimedes Aluminum BoatPresentation
Bridge and Civil Presentation.pptBridge and Civil PresentationPresentation
Bridge Building 101 Presentation.pptBridge Building 101 PresentationPresentation
D6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 1.pptD6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 1Presentation
D6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part  2.pptD6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 2Presentation
D6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 4.pptD6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 4Presentation
D6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 3.pptD6-Intro-to-Civil-Eng Part 3Presentation
D12 Presentation.pptmD12 PresentationPresentation
D4 Presentation.pptD4 PresentationPresentation
Edible Cars Activity.pdfEdible Cars ActivityPresentation
Engineering Presentation.pptEngineering PresentationPresentation
Enviroscape - Promo Video.wmvEnviroscape - Promo VideoPresentation
Family Feud Game.pptmFamily Feud GamePresentation
Geometry Presentation.pptGeometry PresentationPresentation
Ribbons Across the Land.pptRibbons Across the LandPresentation
Jeopardy Game.pptJeopardy GamePresentation
Graphics Presentation.pptxGraphics PresentationPresentation
Owensboro Bridge Presentation.pptOwensboro Bridge PresentationPresentation
Paper Towers Handout.pdfPaper Towers HandoutPresentation
Paper Towers.pptPaper TowersPresentation
Paper Towers for High Schoolers.pptPaper Towers for High SchoolersPresentation
Should I Be An Engineer Presentation.pptShould I Be An Engineer PresentationPresentation
Aluminum boat Instructions.docAluminum boat InstructionsOther Resource
Cast in place bridge instructions.docCast in place bridge instructionsOther Resource
D4 Slideshow.pptD4 SlideshowOther Resource
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KEEN Bylaws - Original.docKEEN Bylaws - OriginalRegulation
KEEN Preamble - Original.docKEEN Preamble - OriginalRegulation
KEEN Preamble and Bylaws Amended.docKEEN Preamble and Bylaws AmendedRegulation
2016-2017 KEEN Leadership.xlsx2016-2017 KEEN LeadershipOther Resource
board minutes 9-23-16.docxboard minutes 9-23-16Other Resource
Board Meeting - 11-29-2010.docxBoard Meeting - 11-29-2010Other Resource
Board Meeting - 5-5-2011.docxBoard Meeting - 5-5-2011Other Resource
Board Meeting 6-28-2011.docxBoard Meeting 6-28-2011Other Resource
KEEN Board Application Blank.docKEEN Board Application BlankApplication
KEEN Coordinator Application Blank.docKEEN Coordinator Application BlankApplication
Civil Engineering Scholarship Application.aspxCivil Engineering Scholarship ApplicationOther Resource
2010-11 engineering brochure.pdf2010-11 engineering brochureOther Resource
2010-11 keen brochure.pdf2010-11 keen brochureOther Resource
2011 KEEN coloring book.pdf2011 KEEN coloring bookOther Resource
Civil Eng Tech Scholarship Brochure.pdfCivil Eng Tech Scholarship BrochureOther Resource
KEEN Display Board.dgnKEEN Display BoardOther Resource
KEEN Display Board.pdfKEEN Display BoardOther Resource

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