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When snow or ice fall, highway maintenance  crews work 12-hour shifts to clear snow and ice from state highways. 
District 3 has over 70 snow plows working to clear the roadways and uses approximately 6,000 tons of salt per year! 
The Department of Highways also uses a pro-active approach to winter storms through a process of applying anti-icing materials prior to an imminent storm!


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Snow & Ice Priority Maps
Snow and ice routes are prioritized in each county based on average daily traffic with Priority A being the heaviest traveled and earliest treated routes. 
Click on a county below to see the snow plow priority routes! 
Allen                             Barren                        Butler                      Edmonson                    Logan                         
Metcalfe                      Monroe                       Simpson                  Todd                             Warren
Priority Routes Definitions:
Priority A: Interstates, parkways and major arteries, with the highest traffic volume. While all roads are treated during a winter storm, these receive top priority with a goal of a one-hour turnaround time on interstates and two-hour turnaround on other A routes.
Priority B: Highways that are not as heavily traveled as ‘A' routes, are treated next. All Priority B routes
should be completely treated during a routine winter storm with a goal of a four-hour turnaround.
Priority C: Mainly rural and other low-volume routes are third on the list. The cabinet's goal is to treat Priority C routes within 16 hours of the beginning of a routine snow event. However, because to protect the very expensive equipment, safety concerns for our crews and the lack of overall effectiveness, C routes might not be treated during overnight hours.
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