Jefferson-Spencer Counties: KY 55 (Taylorsville Road) and KY 155 (Taylorsville Lake Road) - Adding a Continuous Third Lane - Project 5-8954.00

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Nine miles of roadway along KY 55/KY 155 that connects Spencer and Jefferson counties has had a substantial increase in commuter traffic due to population shifts from city to suburban and rural areas. 

The KY 55/KY 155 project aims to develop a complete roadway that can accommodate the current and future demands of commuter traffic. The need is to develop an alternative that increases capacity, decreases congestion, and provides roadway system completeness for a better commuter experience without sacrificing safety.  

The goals for the project are to minimize right-of-way, utility, and environmental impacts.

​Project Scope
KY 155 Safety Improvement Project - Reconstruction of Taylorsville Road and the South Pope Lick Road Intersection and Bridge over Pope Lick CreekJefferson-Spencer Counties: Taylorsville Road KY55 and Taylorsville Lake Road KY 155 - Adding a Continuous Third Lane

​Type of ProjectThe Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is in the data-gathering stage of the design phase of a project to construct a continuous third lane that serves as an alternating passing lane on KY 55/KY 155 (Taylorsville Road) in Spencer County and KY 155 (Taylorsville Lake Road) in Jefferson County. 


This type of roadway configuration is known as a 2+1 road in transportation parlance. To find out more about 2+1 roadways, click HERE.

Project Update
Two local elected official meetings were held to reach a consensus on the project's direction.

Meeting #1 - Virtual Meeting/Teleconference (October 12, 2022):

This meeting was an opportunity to present the layout, operational analysis, and impacts of the 2+1 alternative as a benchmark while providing four other alternatives for evaluation and discussion. The objective of the meeting was to inform the decision-makers on the safety of operational concerns with a 2+1 roadway alternative for KY 155. The project team presented potential alternatives to ensure the project progressed with the appropriate solutions to accomplish the project goals for safety and increased peak-hour capacity.

The project team presented five alternatives: 

  • Alternative 1: 2+1: Baseline Configuration - Highway Plan description and budget are on this alternative. 3-lane alternative providing alternating passing lanes for the entire 9 miles.
  • Alternative 2:  5-Lane: Four-lane highway with a center turn lane for 9 miles. Exceeds current budget.
  • Alternative 3:  Hybrid: 2+1 for the 3.2-mile southern section and 5-lane for the 5.68-mile northern section. Exceeds current budget.
  • Alternative 4: Northern 5-Lane: 5-lane 4.60-mile northern section and the improved intersection at Wilsonville.  Build to Budget Alternative – Addresses priority sections based on available funding for Construction with overruns on R/W and Utilities.
  • Alternative 5: Priority Hybrid: 5-lane for 3.39 miles in the northern section and 3-lane for 2.5 miles in the southern section. Build to Budget Alternative – Addresses priority sections based on available funding for Construction with overruns on R/W and Utilities.
An explanation was provided on how the current and projected KY 155 traffic volumes of over 15,000 ADT were outside the operational benefits of a 2+1 roadway. The density of access points along the corridor and planned developments are also adverse to the safe operation of a 2+1 roadway configuration.

Deviating from the 2+1 alternative would require the project description and budget to be revised in future Highway Plans to correspond to a larger magnitude project.  At the end of Meeting #1, it was agreed that the 2+1 roadway alternative would not accomplish the purpose and need of the project. The LEOs requested an in-person meeting before recommending an alternative based on operational priorities and available funding.

Meeting #2 - In-Person (November 28, 2022):

The project team met with the public officials and stakeholders associated with the project.  The objective of the meeting was to inform the decision-makers and seek recommendations to ensure the project progresses with the appropriate solutions.   The meeting allowed the project team to present the layout, operational analysis, and impacts of the 2+1 alternative as a benchmark while also providing four other alternatives for evaluation and discussion.  It was iterated that during the preliminary engineering and traffic operational analysis, the application of a 2+1 roadway configuration is problematic due to the projected traffic volumes, anticipated growth, and a number of access points along the corridor.  

The following developed from the discussion with the public officials and stakeholders:
a) The Project team recommends a 5-lane section for KY 155 from just south of Plum Creek Bridge to Floyds Creek Bridge.   Updated phase cost estimates reflecting this alternative are being developed.

b) The current six-year highway plan description for the project would need to be revised to allow us to be more flexible with the design alternatives, and additional construction funds would need to be added.  Additionally, funds must be shifted to more appropriate fiscal years for the right of way, utility, and construction phases.  These funding issues will need to be addressed by the Kentucky Legislature the next time they are in a budget session (2024).  

c)  The above two items must be resolved before we can proceed with the above-discussed approach.
​Project Timeline

As of Winter 2023/2024 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE*):

  • Design – TBD*
  • Right-of-way - TBD*
  • Utility relocation - TBD*
  • Construction - TBD*
*For the above milestone dates, Funding type, Phase, and Fiscal Year in which phase activities should commence will be established in the 2024 Highway Plan. Project information will be updated accordingly after the 2024 Highway Plan is enacted.
​Project Manager
Keith Downs
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