KY 1932 (Chenoweth Lane) Improvement Design Project

Safety and drainage improvements on KY 1932 (Chenoweth Lane) between CSX Railroad Crossing to US 42 (Item No. 5-531)

Phase 1 (Preliminary) Design began in 2017

KYTC, with assistance from Palmer Engineering and Integrated Engineering, assembled a project team to evaluate preliminary design alternatives to improve sight distance and safety for all users, improve drainage along the corridor, and improve pedestrian safety and mobility. 

In addition to meeting the purpose and need, goals for the design were to:

  • Confine improvements within existing KYTC-owned right-of-way.
  • Minimize impacts on established mature trees.
  • Maintain roadway character that reflects the existing traditional and historic neighborhood setting.

KY 1932.jpg

A public meeting was held on Thursday, November 30, 2017, from 5-7 p.m. at Broadway Baptist Church. Surveys via Surveymonkey were open to public comment till December 14, 2017.

Two alternatives for the urban typical from CSX Railroad to Massie Ave and two alternatives for a rural typical from Massie Ave to US-42 (Brownsboro Rd) were presented. As with most of our design projects, a 'No-Build' or 'Do Nothing' option was also presented. Landscaping elements and special drainage features, such as bioswales, were also proposed. All materials available to the public are at the bottom of this page under Phase 1 Design Documents.

Phase 2 (Final) Design began in January 2020

A preferred alternative was selected in November of 2018.

CSX Railroad to Massie Avenue will include:

  • Curb and Gutter
  • Two Lanes with a center two-way left turn lane
  • Existing entrances off of Chenoweth will remain
  • 5' ADA Compliant sidewalk on both sides of the roadway 
  • Improved Drainage

Massie Avenue to US-42 (Brownsboro Road) will include:

  • Rural Roadway and will remain two lanes
  • 5' ADA Compliant sidewalk on both sides of the roadway
  • The new west sidewalk will be meandering to limit impacts 
  • Improved Drainage 

Items eliminated from project are bioswales and landscaping elements.
All materials for Phase 2 design are at the bottom of this page under Phase 2 Design Documents.

Right of Way – 2021
Utility relocations – 2023
Construction – 2024

*The schedule is just an estimate at the time of writing and is liable to change depending on the cabinet's funding constraints.

For additional information on the improvement design project, please contact Amanda Desmond at 502-210-5400 or by email at 

Phase 1 Design Documents:

Before and After Features

Special Drainage Features

Meeting Handout

Phase 2 Design Documents: 

Chenoweth Lane Exhibit

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