KY 1932 (Chenoweth Lane) Improvement Design - Project 05-531


Improve sight distance and safety for motorists, improve drainage along the corridor, and improve pedestrian safety and mobility. 

The goals for the design were to:

  • Confine improvements within existing KYTC-owned right-of-way
  • Minimize impacts on established mature trees
  • Maintain roadway character that reflects the existing traditional and historic neighborhood setting

​Project Scope
Safety and drainage improvements on KY 1932 (Chenoweth Lane) between CSX Railroad Crossing to US 42 (Project 05-531)


Preliminary Design Documents:

Before and After Features

Special Drainage Features

Meeting Handout

Selected Alternative Design Documents: 

Chenoweth Lane Exhibit

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​Project Timeline
  • KYTC is acquiring the needed easements and completing the right-of-way process for the project. At this time, all remaining parcels are progressing through the state-mandated legal process. KYTC anticipates the right-of-way acquisition process to continue through the end of 2022.* 
  • Utility relocation will begin after all right-of-way is acquired. KYTC has estimated that the utility relocation process may begin in 2023 and will take approximately two years to complete (barring unforeseen delays, weather, etc.).*
  • KYTC anticipates letting the project to construction by the end of 2024; with a possibility of the letting process extending into 2025*

*Subject to change

NOTE: Once the right of way process is complete, all tentative dates for utility relocation and letting will be re-evaluated to correspond with available funding (provided in the upcoming enacted Highway Plan).

​Selected Alternative

An alternative was selected in November of 2018. 

CSX Railroad to Massie Avenue will include:

  • Curb and Gutter
  • Two Lanes with a center two-way left turn lane
  • Existing entrances off of Chenoweth will remain
  • 5 foot ADA Compliant sidewalk on both sides of the roadway 
  • Improved Drainage

Massie Avenue to US-42 (Brownsboro Road) will include:

  • Rural Roadway and will remain two lanes
  • 5 foot ADA Compliant sidewalk on both sides of the roadway
  • The new west sidewalk will be meandering to limit impacts 
  • Improved Drainage 

Items eliminated from the project are bioswales and landscaping elements.

All materials for Phase 2 design are located in the Links Section. 

Public and Stakeholder 
A public meeting was held in November 2017. Surveys were open to public comment until December 2017.

Citizens were given these options to select from:
  • Two alternatives for the urban typical from CSX Railroad to Massie Ave 
  • Two alternatives for a rural typical from Massie Ave to US-42 (Brownsboro Rd)  
  • A 'No-Build' or 'Do Nothing' option 
  • Landscaping elements and special drainage features, such as bioswales
The information presented at the 2017 meeting can be found in the LINKS section above.

A local officials/stakeholder meeting was held in November 2020. 

​Project Manager
Amanda Desmond
Phone: 502.210.5400 

8310 Westport RoadLouisvilleKY40242KY8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST, M-F(502) 210-5400KYTC.District5Info@ky.gov,-85.871522&sspn=0.006986,0.016512&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=8310+Westport+Rd,+Louisville,+Jefferson,+Kentucky+40242&t=h&z=17
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