Jefferson County: English Station Road Widening - Project 5-353.00

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The proposed project will provide an improved link between the existing three-lane segments immediately north and south of this unimproved two-lane section. This widening project will eliminate the existing bottleneck to increase capacity, mobility, and safety along the entire corridor. The objectives are to provide a wider roadway through this highly-developed area to meet community and driver expectations while accommodating existing and future developments. The project will incorporate multi-modal traffic facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists.
​Project Scope
North English Station Road widening to three lanes between west Aiken Road to just past Avoca Road at the railroad crossing
​Type of Project
​Road Widening - Construction 
*all tentative dates for utility relocation and letting will be re-evaluated to correspond with available funding (provided in the upcoming enacted Highway Plan).

Project amenities:
  • Shared-use (or multi-use) facilities for pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Traffic signals to be installed at two intersections:
    • English Station Road and East Aiken Road with pedestrian cross-walks.
    • English Station Road and Old Henry Road with pedestrian cross-walks.
  • Fully upgrade railroad crossing with crossing gates and warning signals.

5-353.00 Project status update February 2019.pdf

5-353.00 Roadway typical sections.pdf

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​Project Timeline

As of Winter 2022 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

  1. KYTC is actively acquiring the needed easements and completing the right-of-way process for the project. At this time, all remaining parcels are progressing through the state-mandated legal process. KYTC anticipates the right-of-way acquisition process to continue through the end of 2022, with a possibility of the acquisition process extending into 2023.
  2. The roadway design is near completion. 
  3. Utility relocation will begin after all right-of-way is acquired. KYTC has estimated that the utility relocation process will take approximately two years to complete (barring unforeseen delays, weather, etc.). 
  4. KYTC anticipates letting the project to construction by the end of 2024; with a possibility of the letting process extending into 2025
NOTE: Once the right of way process is complete, all tentative dates for utility relocation and letting will be re-evaluated to correspond with available funding (provided in the upcoming enacted Highway Plan).

Future Phases and Roadway Designations
English Station Road is classified as an urban arterial in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky within the City of Middletown. The project vicinity is bounded by US 60 (Shelbyville Road) to the south and I-265 to the east.
English Station Road is currently a Louisville Metro roadway. 
After construction is complete, the road will be accepted into the State Primary Road System with route number KY 3084. KY 3084 will begin at the intersection with US 60 (Shelbyville Road), continuing along North English Station Road and Old Henry Road to the Oldham County Line. The entire corridor will measure 4.47 miles with US 60 being mile-point 0.0 to mile-point 4.47 being the Oldham County Line. 
Item No. 5-353.00 will be mile-points 0.46 to 1.2 within the new KY 3084 designation.  
A future project, 5-367.20, is planned to continue KY 3084 to KY 362 in Oldham County.

​Project Manager
Keith Downs
Phone: 502.764.0515 

8310 Westport RoadLouisvilleKY40242KY8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST, M-F(502) 210-5400KYTC.District5Info@ky.gov,-85.871522&sspn=0.006986,0.016512&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=8310+Westport+Rd,+Louisville,+Jefferson,+Kentucky+40242&t=h&z=17
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