Engineering Support Branch


The engineering support branch includes the staff of engineers, administrative specialists, technicians, electricians, mechanics and operators within the traffic and permits, structures, equipment, roadside agronomy and materials sections. These dedicated employees ensure that technical support is present to complete District 8's highway projects.

Conley Moren, P.E. - Branch Manager


The structures section is primarily responsible for the mandated structural inspections of all designated roadway structures within the district. This section also consists of special crews responsible for repair of roadway structures, guardrail and drainage structures within the district.
Michael Edwards

The equipment section is primarily responsible for maintaining, repairing, inventory and disbursement of the equipment fleet within the district - from passenger vehicles and dump trucks to chainsaws and excavators. This section is also responsible for developing replacement schedules for the fleet within the district.
Roger Whitaker

Traffic & Permits   
The traffic and Signs.jpgpermits section provides collision data, engineering studies, commercial permit reviews, and traffic control installation such as signs and signals. This section also administers contracts for roadway striping, panel signs and raised pavement markers, to name a few services that make travel in the Commonwealth more efficient.

Amanda Parmley
Roadside Agronomy   
​The roadside agronomy Section is responsible for noxious weed control, various herbicide and fertilize applications, landscaping and nuisance tree/brush removal on state Grass.jpgright of way. The section also administers contracts such as rest area maintenance and right of way mowing, among others.
Jeff Pettyjohn
​The materials section is responsible for ensuring all materials used in the process of building, repairing or maintaining any facet of our state roadways and or facilities including but not limited to embankment, pavement, roadway structures, drainage structures, lighting poles and their components meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Transportation Cabinet and Department of Highways.
Matthew Neikirk

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