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Project teams and DPD staff identify opportunities to meet objectives by relying more on digital information. This improved process allows the objectives to be documented and included in project-specific implementation plans.  Project team feedback thereby aids Cabinet-wide implementation of Digital Project Delivery. 

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Current Pilot Projects:

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Multiple bridge replacements on US-79 in Logan and Todd Counties let on August 18, 2022, under a single construction contract through federal BUILD grant program. It was awarded to Scotty's Contracting and Stone, LLC. KYTC staff identified the project as a pilot opportunity due to the exceptional in-house design using OpenRoads Designer. Pilot Project Objectives for this District 3 project include, but are not limited to:

  • Training and Support: For all pilots, Digital Project Delivery (DPD) core staff will directly and indirectly (coordinate) aid in mitigating obstacles. Core staff will identify, relay, and document information about obstacles. The DPD core staff will relay this information to appropriate personnel.   
  • Designer Available During Construction: Involvement of the project designer may include progress meeting participation, construction updates to design data (e.g., proposed Terrain), and change management.  
  • Design Deliverables: Current KYTC CAD Standards requirements, KMZ information, PDF of plans, and more.
  • Software Test of Bentley SYNCHRO: Using KYTC provisioned technology (iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktops), KYTC Construction staff (with daily field inspection responsibilities) will be able to find, access, and test the use of EED.
Overall Questions/CommentsKYTCkytc.dpd-qanda@ky.gov
WithrowConstruction; DPD Leadjoshua.withrow@ky.gov
WillmerdingerHighway Design; DPD Core Teamcwillmerdinger@ky.gov
SipesHighway Design; DPD Core Teammatt.sipes@ky.gov
WellsOIT; DPD Core Teamjohn.wells@ky.gov
FisherOIT; DPD Core Teamjim.fisher@ky.gov
MasarikOIT; DPD Core Teammitchell.masarik@ky.gov
HolmesOIT; DPD Core Teamwill.holmes@ky.gov
CatchingsKTC; DPD Core Teamrachel.catchings@uky.edu
KeathleyKTC; DPD Core Teamcatherine.keathley@uky.edu

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