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Decision Making

Public Involvement Plan

An outline of public involvement activities based on project needs.

Action Agenda

A strategy broken down into steps that describe what will be accomplished, by whom, how, and when.

Defining Issues

Environmental, social, economic, recreational, political, and other factors that are perceived by a community or group of people as important when making a transportation decision.

Setting Priorities

Determining what matters most to individuals, a community, or a resource.

Regulatory Considerations

While public involvement should be part of every Cabinet project and program, there are circumstances that require additional attention and care. A number of regulations mandate specific outreach efforts in order to ensure fair participation of key stakeholders. Key regulatory processes are discussed in this section.

Citizen's Advisory Group

A representative group of stakeholders that regularly meet with and assist the Project Team during the planning and design of a highway project.

Consensus Building

Bringing people together to express their ideas, clarify areas of agreement and disagreement, and develop shared resolutions.

Goal Setting

People working together to transform a vision, purpose or desire into discrete statements of direction.

Vision Creating

Articulating and describing a desired future.

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